Monday, March 1, 2021

Selangor FC Away Futuristic 2021 Kit

Previously, Selangor FC launched the Home jersey on February 1, 2021. On March 2, Selangor FC also introduced the away jersey for the 2021 season digitally on all their social media platforms.

Comes with a dark blue base color and comes with a neon blue pattern, this jersey is designed by injecting progressive elements and a mix of club identity based on the motifs of each district in Selangor. In terms of color selection, the dark blue color symbolizes the unity of the people of Selangor who are united in giving solid support to the Red Giants team, while the neon blue color is symbolic of the reforms for the future that this team wants to shape.

Appearing with a new breath, the 3D logo of Selangor FC emblazoned on the Away 2021 jersey was also changed to dark blue and neon blue to suit the color and symbolic theme to the club's openness to evolve over time.

Apart from that, this jersey is also matched with the Selangor state map motif which emphasizes the design of 9 districts in the state which is the backbone of this team. The red-yellow color is also printed and clearly embossed on the back of this jersey collar.

More interestingly, this jersey is also equipped with a special QR code where the owner will get access to exclusive content that is not offered to the general public. For starters, buyers of this jersey will be given access to download exclusive wallpapers in conjunction with the launch of this jersey.

In addition, like the Home 2021 jersey, this away jersey is also embedded with a ribbon written "85 Years Creating A Legacy" on the back of the collar, in line with the DNA of the team that wants to continue to produce new talents while creating a 'winning mentality' among players and management. This new Away jersey can be purchased at for RM109 for the player edition.

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