Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phillipines AFF Suzuki Cup updated.

The updated kits for Azkals kit (nicknames for Phillipines team) at the match against Mongolia. The shirt and the short is still the same..the only change was from the socks. Socks are from mizuno, the azkals outfitter, there were two blue stripes on top of it and the logo of the outfitter is on the side of the sock. Another featured the nation flag/insignia on the right sleeve as usual for the team.
Credit for Kevin Estrada for the sources.
Here the link for the Home and away Phillipines kits.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Malaysia 2001-04 away kits

Malaysia 2001 till 2004 away kits the design replicated that of the home kits, with the blue /white replacing the yellow. Unique Adidas with the white panels under each arm and the side mesh panels. The new curved style of adidas three-stripe trademark on the sleeves. A curious change is the Adidas logo position on the center below the collar and three-stripe graphic watermarks on the shirts and shorts.

The shirt were worn with the blue shorts with three stripes on each side and the plain blue sock with the adidas logo on it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Malaysia 2001-02 team kits

These Malaysia 2001 till 2002 shirts featuring the same basic design as the 2003 jersey (as I my previous posted). Unique Adidas with the black panels under each arm and the side mesh panels. The new curved style of adidas three-stripe trademark on the sleeves. a curious change is the Adidas logo position on the center below the collar and three-stripe graphic watermarks on the shirts and shorts.
The shirt is complemented by yellow shorts with three stripes on each side and socks. During the early years the shirt was worn with the different type of shorts.
During these 2001 season also Malaysia national team was also described as their Malaysia U-23 team, the started for players such Akmal Rizal, Norhafiz Zamani, Indra Putra as regular player later for senior team.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Malaysia 2003 kits

Hope my friends will be patience, for these few days I'm posted few of the Malaysia kits collection. For the coming project I'm colaboration with the Chilekits.blogspot for the Copa Libertadores 2011 team kits collection.

The popular kits for Malaysian team,
The unique Adidas with the black panels under each arm and the side mesh panels. The new curved style of adidas three-stripe trademark on the sleeves. The shirt is complemented by yellow shorts with three stripes on each side and socks. These tournaments Malaysia manage by Allan Harris with a developmental team of young players that their average age was 22.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Malaysia 1985 Merdeka Cup kits

Once tournament kits for Malaysia national team during the Merdeka Tournament 1985 (Malaysia). The kits are manufactured by Adidas, it was simple in style with just a touch of continental flair. A simple v-neck and a black three-stripe design both featured on this all yellow strip. The shirt introduce broad black horizontal chestband panels on front. The shirt is complemented by yellow shorts with three red stripes on each side and socks. The adidas logo had no fixed abode on all adidas shorts of the era, and was sometimes featured on the right leg and sometimes on the left.

On Merdeka Tournament 1985, Malaysia were played in group A with Ghana youth [The Ghana team was known as the Black Meteors (a diminutive form of Black Stars, the nickname of the full national team); their average age was 19, Indonesia Youth [The Indonesian youth team was made up mostly of university and school students] and Swansea City (Wales) the club was invited late as a replacement for Iraq. Under the local coach, Malaysia manage to progress till Semifinals lost to South Korea Youth. South Korea's youth team was also described as their "Olympic" team, or as the "South Korea 88" team; it was a developmental teamof young players in preparation for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

The above graphic kits was worn by forward Khan Hung Meng.

Malaysia 2000 season

It was a familiar Adidas design as other International and major league club. It was a more traditional yellow shirt with the black panels reduced to under the arms and down each side. These kits was worn in 2000 seasons for the Malaysia national team.

Kits graphic base on the Malaysia no. 18 forward Rusdi Suparman was worn during the AFC Asian nations Cup 2000 qualifying tournament, Group 8 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Indonesia team font

I have a lot of requested here, but sometimes I'm cannot fullfil it because my schedule too tight. Anyway I'm glad to make these font set sources from my friend Andre, thanks for you.

For today the Indonesia team font set that were worn recently on the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Maaysia 98-99 away kits

These blue away kits rarely worn on the tournament for Malaysia team, especially on international tournament match. Actually as the second strip during the year 1998 till 2000.
The Malaysia away kits were used as the main kits in the first ASIAN Futsal international tournament 1999.

This graphic for Malaysia kit base as worn by the number number 14 midfielder Shahrul Azhar, these match Shahrul early debut on Malaysia jersey.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Malaysia 1996 kits

For these few days I'm like to concentrated on the Malaysia kits historic, because I 'm founded that my worked out of due date.

Malaysia 1996 home kits are issue in short and long sleeves. The long sleeve for the international match. Sometimes the team shirts with the Malaysia flag embroidered on the left chest. The kit also was worn with the other variety model of adidas sock design.
The kits were worn during the ASIAN Games 1996 and SEA Games 1997, Jakarta. Wan Jamak still the Malaysia head coach while Zainal Abidin Hassan, Azman Adnan and Khairul Azman still the regular powerhouse.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Malaysia 1997 kits

Another classic Malaysia kit, it was a classy adidas design, same template as few top clubs in 96-98 season. The only black and yellow striped issued by adidas in 90's. The shorts now even longer than in previous season, featured the trademark trim along each leg.

These Malaysia home kits graphic base on the strip for the World Cup 1998 Qualifying Asia zone. wan Jamak Wan Hassan were the head coach for the Malaysia team mission and will be assisted from the Zainal Abidin Hassan, Azman Adnan, Che Zambil and khairul Azman Mohammad as the regular players.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adidas EURO 2000 font

The Adidas font that usually were worn by the Turkey, Sweden, Germany, France and Yugoslavia during the EURO 2000. These sets part of my collection for the Subbuteo decal.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Czechoslovakia World Cup 70 kits

The Czechoslovakia national football team was the national association football team of Czechoslovakia from 1922 to 1993. On the World Cup 1970, Mexico tournament, Group 3 featured both two-time former World champion Brazil, defending world champions England and solid European sides Czechoslovakia and Romania.

In the opening match, Czechoslovakia againts Brazil, In the rematch of the 1962 World Cup final, Czech lost 4–1 under the coach Jozef Marko. The team also lost other two games to make exit early on this tournament. The Czechoslovakia shirt has no makers name or inner labels. The badge is beautifully embroidered and stitched onto the shirt and the number 14 on the rear is made of cloth and has a finished/stitched edge and is stitched onto the shirt.
The opening match Czech kit graphic base as worn by the number 17 Jaroslav Pollák in the group 3 game against Brazil on June 3rd 1970, Czech with these change sock of blue for one match only.

This graphic for Czech kit base as worn by the number 14 Vladimir Hrivnak in the group 3 game against England on June 11th 1970 at the Jalisco stadium, Guadalajara, with England winning 1-0.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Updated-Myanmar Away kits

Just finished updated and founded the similar Adidas kits that were used for Myanmar away kits, the white base with the red horizontal, during the tour to muzium with Malaysian MW collector Aizusan. What i learned the adidas jersey used 'ClimaLite' label. But i'm frustrated, cannot snap the jersey photo to share here.

Anyway I'm manage get the photo of Adidas jersey that similar to the Myanmar home kits.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Myanmar AFF Suzuki Cup Away kits

The last team kits from the AFF Suzuki Cup collection, Myanmar also known as the Burma national football team until 1989, were played in group B with host Vietnam, Phillipines and Singapore. Under the new coach Milan Zivadinovic is a Serbian former football player, Myanmar have suffered a very heavy defeat at the hands of co-host Vietnam in their opening match of Group B on the 2nd December, finishing the game with the score of 7-1.

The kits are currently manufactured by Adidas. The kits are likely to change with the introduction of a new national flag and the country's orders to burn the old flag. The away shirt has a white base colour with a red collar and red Adidas trademark stripes on the shoulders and sleeves. The shirt is complemented by white shorts with three red stripes on each side, and white socks. The player numbering on the shirt is blue, while the Adidas logo, which is placed on the right side of
the chest is red also features the 'ClimaLite' label on the back. The shirt has a thin horizontal red stripe across the chest, below the national federation crest and Adidas logo.

The player team numbers style on these tournament. Rumours also after these tournament Myanmar team kits will be produce by Lotto.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Malaysia 1997 Youth World Cup kits

The special Malaysia national team kits were worn on 1997 FIFA World Youth Championship tournament. It was held from June 16 to July 5, 1997 in Malaysia and was the 11th staging of the FIFA World Youth Championship. The nation host were in group A with Uruguay, Morocco and Belgium. On these tournament team Malaysia not gonna through any further stage after lost in all 3 match.