Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2016 Champions League Final Milano Match Details

Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid match details print was apply in the shirts during 2016 Champions League final Milano on May 28, 2016 at San Siro, Milan, Italy. Atlético Madrid will take the field in their traditional white and red stripes, while Real Madrid in tradition all white kits. Placed centrally on the both team Final Jersey are the match details - "Final Milano 2016 - Stadio San Siro - 28 May - Real Madrid CF vs Club Atlético Madrid". Additional features the Champions League and Respect badges on the right and left sleeve, respectively.

W.O.P St Pauli 2015/16 Kits

Here St.Pauli kits progress recently, maybe slow the progress. Another logo worked I'm re-doit again, replacing the missing file HERMES Bundesliga sponsor partner. Hermes is to become a major sponsor of the Bundesliga, Germany's professional soccer league, since 1st January 2013. The logisitics provider logo will appear on the left sleeve of every players in all league games. In addition, Hermes will transport the Bundesliga plate for its presentation on the final day of the campaign.

Still waiting the free time to worked on the St.Pauli kits template.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Font Newcastle United 1995/97

Just finished re-doit these set, Newcastle United 1995-97 font as the requested. Next on list Leeds United (Ascis) and Blackburn Rovers.

From the 1995-96 and 1996-97 fseason, Premier League team Newcastle United, participated in the finishing in second place. The team with the Adidas kits, after the disappointment of finishing runner-up to Manchester United in the previous campaign, the club responded by signing Alan Shearer from Blackburn Rovers in July 1996.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Logo England FA Referee

Logo vector worked for my recent referee kits template. Bring me on more on more variation for me, working on these referee template.

Friday, May 27, 2016

W.O.P Chile Copa 2016 kits

My Worked on progress for the kits these week, Chile Copa America 2016 for my friend Juan Pablo. Today worked, template worked for the Nike new shorts and later upgraded the shirts template.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Font France Euro 1996 Team Kits

The France team reached the semifinals of Euro 1996 in England. The first semi-final, featuring France and Czech Republic, resulted in another 0–0 draw and penalties. Reynald Pedros was the one player to miss in the shootout, as Czech Republic won the penalty shoot-out 6–5
Early round, France was seed on Group B with France, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria. France and Spain dominated the group.

The France Euro 96 letters design modify from the Stymie font. Letters for the players name have many variation of size, fit with the players names. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Copa Del Rey 2016 Patch

2016 Copa del Rey final SEvilla against Barcelona on May 22, 2016 at the Vicente Calderon Stadium Atletico Madrid, both teams shirts featured with a print of the Copa del Rey logo along with the names of the teams in the final, its date and its venue appears on the chest.

Additional to the match details, on the right sleeve Copa Del Rey logo patch. Same Patch design as previous final match.

Font Sevilla Copa Del Rey 2016 Final kits

Andalusian club Sevilla FC, Spanish team finalist in the UEFA Europa League and the Copa del Rey, presenta special kit for the 2016 Copa del Rey final against Barcelona on May 22, 2016 at the Vicente Calderon Stadium Atletico Madrid. These New Balance shirt, designed just like will only be used in this match. The new Sevilla 2016 Copa del Rey Final Strip comes with a red horizontal line gradient on the front. .Also features on the front of the new Sevilla 2016 Copa del Rey final kit is the logo of the tournament as well as special writings for the final. On the back under the collar is the Andalusian flag, and on the front is the logo of one-time sponsor Reale Seguros.

Sevilla FC one match jersey numbers are extremely simple with the kind of brush stroke design.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Font Bologna FC 2002 thru 2004 kits

Italian brand Macron still the Bologna F.C. 1909 kits supplier from 2002 through 2004 season. The club finished the 2002-03 season in 11th position in the Serie A table under Francesco Guidolin management. In other competitions, Bologna reached the quarter finals of the Coppa Italia. Giuseppe Signori was the top scorer for Bologna with 12 goals in all competitions.

Next season under Carlo Mazzone, the Bologna finished  twelfth in Serie A 2003-2004 with 39 points. Claudio Bellucci later the club new top scorer after Signori. The highlight on that club during these two season Signori and Japanese midfielder, Nakata.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016-17 English Football League Sleeve Logo Patches

The competition will become known as the Sky Bet EFL with its three divisions continuing to be known as the Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League One and Sky Bet League Two. Sky Bet will also be the title sponsor of the Sky Bet Play-Offs. 
The sleeve patches worn by all the teams, completely new from the 2016-17 season. Incorporating the new EFL logo, as well as title sponsor Sky Bet, the sleeve badges come with the Sky Bet Championship logo featuring a new gold design, Sky Bet League One a silver design and Sky Bet League Two a red design. The logo for the Sky Bet Play-Offs will combine the three colours together.

Friday, May 20, 2016

2016-17 English Football League New Logo

The new re-brading of The Football League to the EFL for the 2016-17 season onwards features logo, patch sleeve and font. The Football League has signed a new three-season title sponsorship agreement with online bookmaker and current partner, Sky Bet. The new EFL logo will be accompanied by a stunning new visual identity featuring a dynamic circular arrangement of 72 balls in three swathes of 24, representing each of the League’s member clubs and the respective divisions they play in. 

Credit to Ethan and Andres for infographic 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Worked Today

I'm not always completed all my worked in a day or two, because sometimes I'm missing some references during the worked process.
Here I'm posted you the four worked I've done today. First France Euro 1996 font. Got the template base from a friend, but still needed to re-doit again all the numbers. Still not finished the no.2,3,4, 6 and 7. 

Second worked on my list the Dortmund 2016-17 home font. Maybe I'm will K.I.V these font untill I've got the correct letters references for the players name.
And the first worked for today, as the requested for friend. The Final Milano 2016 match details. If these design is true, still question ?

2016-2017 English Football League Font

Following the recent re-branding of The Football League with a more modern design approach ahead of the 2016/17 campaign. Produced by Sporting iD, the new font accompanied by a stunning new EFL visual identity featuring a dynamic circular, a line of dots runs through the numbers. The EFL logo is present at the bottom of the numbers, while Prostate Cancer UK logo remains at the top.

Since the 2014/15 season Prostate Cancer UK are the Official Charity Partner of The Football League.
The distinctive Man of Men logo which symbolises men from all walks of life coming together in the UK, will be included on all players’ kits as part of their individual squad number.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016/17 English Football League

Manage to posted for references, the 2016-17 English Football League new visual identity. The range introduce a new font for player names and numbers, as well as redesigned sleeve patches from new season.

Argentina Home WC 1962 sketch worked

Sketch and references I'm setup during all of my worked process. As for my friends over there, here the Argentina kits was worn during the World Cup 1962. From my researches these shirts was made by LANUS. Actually these shirts template was used through 1968 ( if I'm not wrong ). However after that same crew neck template also was worn by the team, but slight different template. The cuff and the shirts length shorten for the new one.

Argentina made a poor performance at the 1962 FIFA World Cup where was defeated by England (3-1) and eliminated in the first round of the competition.

Font FC St. Pauli 2015-16

Lately my health, not always in perfect situation, manage to completed few worked today, among it the FC St. Pauli 2015-16 team players name sets. The German 2. Bundesliga club launched three kits. St. Pauli home Kit comes in the club's traditional brown color, completed with a stunning all-over pattern incorporating Hummel's iconic logo. A detail in the club's black, brown, red and white colors.

The new St Pauli font template, I'm remember what have Puma done to the Geffer design, used the marker tape as the font worked. For note each of the players name have different letters been used.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back on track with St Pauli

I'm glad to be back on track again after take a rest for almost four days, with the bad cold again. Maybe the current weather or I.m getting weak  My plan St. Pauli 2015-16, secial worked for my friend Jason.
I'm started the process with all the logo and vector sponsor worked last two days. Hopefully can finished the template worked today. The good news all the vector worked used the same template for all kits.

Juventus 2015/16 Serie A Champions T-Shirts

Italian Serie A new Champions, Juventus’ players and staff celebrated in a black adidas champions shirt featuring a stick count of the number five on its front. The symbol is in recognition of the fact the Juve’s latest Scudetto is their five straight title. The club revealed two special champion shirts, "Juventus Campioni 34 tee" is the shirt that was worn during the title celebration. The T-shirt is mainly black with a special graphic on the front that honors Juventus' five straight Scudetto, while on the back of the shirt is the lettering Campioni as well as the number 34 to indicate that it is Juventus' 34th title and the date 2016. 

The second shirt "Juventus #TANTI5ALUTI tee" A more subtle adidas celebratory shirt showing a clapping hand above the text “TANTI5ALUTI” on its front and the hashtag #HI5TORY along with the years of Juventus’ five titles in a succession is printed on the back.
The last icon worked from my friend Ethan Huan, tribute to Juventus as the Scudetto winners for the 2015/16 season. He used the combination of Zebra and the club traditional colour as the worked.

Ranieri with Pantofolo’s Custom Championship Boot

Italian Brand Pantofolo d'Oro has presented Claudio Ranieri, the Leicester City coach, a Custom Championship Boot. Based on one of Pantofolo's iconic football boot models, the custom boots Ranieri received in his team's colors blue, white and gold. A very traditional look, the fold-over tongue shows a Champions 15/16 inscription with a gold star. The heel cup and cuff of the cleats are colored in gold..

I'm also show the two graphic icon logo of the Leicester and Juventus, the current champions on each team league that have was worked by my friend Ethan Huang. The first design Ethan tribute to Leicester City's Premier League-winning for 2015/16 with the fox as the icon, and later page with the Juventus team.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Retro Melita Eagles Soccer Club logo

As the requested, classic Melita Eagles Soccer Club crest and sponsor logo from New South Wales, Australia.

Premier League Sleeve Patch & Logo 2016/17

New Premier League logo and sleeve patch design, from the 2016-17 season onwards, was launched in February. The logo comes without Barclays name after Premier League announced to remain sponsorless from the 2016-17 season, an additional some of the new logos will see the title shortened to 'PL'. 
The new Premier League sleeve patch features a round shape with a purple border that increases in size around the shape. Another subtle detail is the addition of the zig-zag pattern that forms part of the overall visual identity of the Premier League from the upcoming season. The new logo designed by London-based DesignStudio and Robin Brand Consultants.