Saturday, June 1, 2013

Parma FC 2012-13 kits

Parma finished 8th in the 2011/12 edition of Serie A, to speed up season ticket sales Italian Serie-A club Parma FC came up with a brilliant idea to show their rescpect towards their most loyal fans.They designed their home 2012-13 season shirt with printed the name of each and every season ticket buyers on it. Parma’s new strip has been made by Errea
Parma home shirt still in traditional a white background with a black cross sewn across it. Link to the club campaign " Your name in Crusader "that will allow subscribers to put their name on the shirts of the players. Parma home jersey will feature the names of 600 season ticket holders for every home game with their surnames and first name ( eg M.Bianchi) repeated five times. Each top will also feature a patch indicating the game that was played.It has now been added to the sponsor Forletto that stands out in white on the black cross.

Replicate the home shirt design, Parma away 'the exact negative of the uniform home, then black with a white cross.
New design style has been introduce for the club third kits. Navigare and Vorwerk Folletto are the principal sponsors of the new Parma 2012/13 kits


curswine said...

Beautiful work as always Azmie.

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Could you please send me this font?

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