Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fiorentina 2009/20010 Away and third kits

Fiorentina’s 2009/10 shirts are manufactured by Lotto. Their new away and third kits same design as home. The away kit has always been predominantly white, sometimes with purple and red elements, sometimes all-white. The shorts had been purple when the home kit was with white shorts. Fiorentina's third kit was first one in the 1995-96 season and it was all-red with purple borders and two lilies on the shoulders. The red shirt has been the most worn 3rd shirt by Fiorentina, although they also wore rare yellow shirts ('97-'98 and '99-'00) .

Me and my friend Gary

At least I have something to chher-up today, my friend Gary O'Hare from Irelands send me a photo during their holiday in Kuala Lumpur for 3 days with his girl friend. I'ts been great for me to spend most whole day with Gary shopping for M-League club kits for their collection. OF course these is a few good memories for me before end year 2009.

Fiorentina 2009/20010 home kits

Italian Serie A club's based in Florence, ACF Fiorentina are known widely by the nickname Viola, a reference to their distinctive purple colours.Since 1931 the club have played at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, which currently has a capacity of 47,282. Claudio Cesare Prandelli is an Italian born coach, currently of ACF Fiorentina after taking over from Dino Zoff, at the beginning of the 2005–06 season. In the UEFA champions league tournaments group stage, Fiorentina was grouped with Liverpool FC, Lyon and Debrecen in Group E. Prandelli managed to get Fiorentina into the group phase, after defeating SK Slavia Praha in the third qualifying round. On the European stage Fiorentina won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1960-61 and lost the final one year later, they finished runners-up in the 1956–57 European Cup losing against Real Madrid and also came close to winning the UEFA Cup, finishing as runners-up in the 1989-90 season.

Fiorentina’s 2009/10 shirts are manufactured by Lotto. The club’s new home shirt is their traditional ‘Viola’ shirt mainly purple with a touch of gold beneath the collar. The new away shirt is white featuring purple touches while the third shirt is red. Shirt manufacturers’ logo is placed on the top center part of the shirt, the club crest placed beneath it while club shirt sponsor Toyota features its logo just beneath in the center of the shirt.

Completed Bayern font set

Actually today I'm not in the good mood, expecially on my switch_image paypal account, still freeze. Anyway here the completed Bayern set, I'm will share it free via through Rapidshare or Mega Upload.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tutorial with Subbuteo decal template

Here the basic tutorial to you would like to creating their own basic 2k4 Subbuteo team with my decal template, Argentina World Cup 1978 team
away kits. I've tried adopt it through my experiences with military and warhammer figure painting. If you don’t have any experience in miniature
modelling, you will find it very hard to cope with the tasks below. If you possess only one of the skills but you lack the other, a good idea would be
to work as a team with a friend.

Tools you need :
Subbuteo 2k4 figure
“X-Acto” cutter, some Scissors and a pair of tweezers.
Decal softening solution - or decal fix.
Clear Acrylic Spray - or any other sealant type.
And these are waterslide decals. So you'll need a small bowl of filtered water

Step 1. Undercoating the Figure
Research every piece of information regarding the team’s kit. Undercoating the figures will give the colours a bright quality and lets you leave any white areas unpainted as they have already had a coat of white spray. A good way of spraying figures is to punch a series of holes in a cardboard tube with a handle made from stick or old pen. This allows you to spray a whole team in one go. If you use acrylic paints, the time allowed between painting different colours is minimal. If you use enamel paints, you will have to wait for one colour to dry before you apply another one (this can take more than an hour, especially when you apply a light colour over a dark one). For painted I recommended range of water based acrylics such Gunze, Tamiya and the best Citadel paint (from warhammer range) all range available at ‘Games Workshop’ stores.

Step 2. Decals Printing
My decal template included the bonus outline template, done with the a.i formats (Sure no problem with Corel Draw). Print the template on a decal paper sheet. You can use either an inkjet or a laser printer, provided that you use the correct decal paper type. Also, you can use white or transparent paper. My recommendation is not to use transparent when you print white letters on dark background. Cut the decals to the appropriate size, and dip the small pieces into cold water in a shallow small plate. Let them soak for about two/three minutes. With the help of the “X-Acto” cutter put each decal in its place on the figure. Let decals dry for at least I hours. When the decals have dried completely, because these surfaces are curved or domed apply another coat of glossy transparent varnish or decal fixer.

Here few tips:
- The decal itself is on a film, which slides off the backing when you gently slide it with your finger. Slide it onto the element, and iron out any air bubbles with a cotton bud/Q-tip. Make sure not to let it wrinkle. Let dry for about 1 to 5 hours. When the decals have dried completely, apply another coat of glossy transparent varnish or decal fixer.
- All these surfaces are curved or domed, and thus require a softening solution for the decals. (E.g. Humbrol Decal Fix, which works as one.)
- When painting a team, try painting each stage on three or four players at a time. Any more than that, and the process can become to much like a production line. If you need more detailed, visited here, same process with the LEGO decal template.

Step 3. Kits painting
Start by painting the skin areas – facial hair, dreadlocks and different colours and styles of boots. Leave the shirt, short and sock without painting. These time print the shirt, short and stocking template on decal paper. Continue and repeated with the stage 2 process. Start painting around the edges of the applied decals. This is to ensure you are not going to spoil the decals by mistake on a later stage. Complete the painting of the kit, trying to use the closest shades of colours to the printed ones. If you use new unpainted figures, avoid painting the white colour as much as you

Step 4. Finishing touch.
At this stage, you can add the finishing touches. Paint the appropriate flesh tone and hair colour, the drawstring on the shorts and some detail on the boots. If the player has any other particularities (wristband, tattoo etc), painting of these will mark out the individuality of the figure. Shoes colouring and painting of brand logos also adds realism. And last for securing the paint, apply a thick coat of matt transparent enamel varnish all over the figure’s surface. This will protect the paint from peeling and decals from detaching.

You also can request in design for the Subbuteo team kits decal template for a reasonble fee. The services not included the decal paper sheet. Just emailing us at for the detailed.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Upload all font to Rapid or Mega

Need a comment to you all, between rapidshare or megaupload, which are you all recomended for me. Now the time to me share all my font set free through hosting not via mailed.
Vote or give comment here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Updated Bayern font

Updated few letters missing, I'm try to finnished these evening than I'm will share it to you all. And thanks who helped with these font sources. At the same time now I'm working on with FIORENTINA team kits.

Credit to Andres Miranda and Nash Ruiz for the sources

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FC Bayern Munich 2009/10 Away kits

The shirt is Bayern Munich away colour of navy blue that will run for two seasons 2008-2010. Designed by Adidas, this is the 2008/2010 seasons Bayern shirt which will be worn during all Bundesliga matches.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FC Bayern Munich 2009/10 third kits

German club's Bayern Munich new European/Third shirt is mainly White with grey pinstripes down the shirt. There is a grey collar also. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers, Adidas, have their logo in the top centre of the shirt and also have their three stipes running down each arm, both in red. The club sponsors T-HOME have their name across the middle of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with white shorts and socks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vote font set comment

Got the results for the vote, as i thought, FREE the top choices. And surprised me, the donation more then 20% much higher than I predict. Here my opinion if I'm progress with the free font :

1. Vectorized font for me fun, and the best thing bring more followers to me. But the negative it takes more time than design kits ( That's my opinion only), Also got to spend much working on sources such photo, the font type also just imagine how many thousand we know, on my cd itself I have compilation over than 15,000 true type font.

2. Sometimes I'm also got the vectoried font contributed by friend, and that's the great helped, but still need to updated (Not all of them). Currently I have more than 20 font sets still under progress, at the moment Juan from Chilekits.blogspot maybe know how many they should helped me....Thanks always Juan.

3. Lastly sources, majority I'm got, friends who send me font set from PES patch image. I don't want to blame cause that's the easiest sources to get. The problem image to small and jagged, vector and ttf not same, to get detailed ttf got to created from vectorized.

Here my conclusion, maybe for the font set I'm should have few members running it, who really concentrated on these and share amongs us. Or I'm got to make a new site/blog with forum that's supported, running all by my members and followers. On that site I'm contribute all the sources from kit design tutorial, font and everything on footbal design.

If all my friends have any idea or need to discuss share it here, voiced it now.

Not to forget when I posted the Bayern kits, always remember these Germany kits design by Emre. I'm really liked the the team logo, gold with black.
Thanks again to Jose Marcos when I'need to write about the font, for his sources.

Lastly my English bad, please ignore

FC Bayern Munich 2009/10 home kits

German club's based in Munich, Bavaria, FC Bayern Munich signed Louis Van Gaal as new manager for the 2009-10 season from AZ. Qualifying directly for the Champions League in 2009–10 after finished second last season Bundesliga league. In the UEFA champions league tournaments group stage, Bayern Munich was grouped with Bordeaux, Juventus and Maccabi Haifa in Group A. These new season the side played with Mark van Bommel, Franck Ribéry, Arjen Robben, Luca Toni, Ivica Olić, Mario Gómez, Philipp Lahm, Martín Demichelis, Hamit Altıntop and Miroslav Klose.

As of 2009, the home kit is red, the away kit is dark blue, and the international kit is white. The new home kits Bayern’s traditional home colour of Red. The collar is white and runs down to the front of the chest. The club badge with four star in gold is on the left of the shirt and the makers, Adidas, have their logo on the right of the shirt and have their three stripes down the sleeves of the shirt in white. The club sponsor have their name written across the middle of the shirt. The FC Bayern Munich shirt will be worn with red shirts and red socks.

Note : Without label (as setailed photo above) for all player/match version on the bottom of shirts, only for replica jerseys.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Netherlands World Cup 1978 kits

Team Im really like to watch theire games, with the famous for its mastery of Total Football and was nicknamed Clockwork Oranje for its precision passing. Best with players such as Johan Neeskens, Johan Cruyff and Arie Haan that time, sadly on the World Cup 78 tournament This side played without Cruyff, Willem van Hanegem, and Jan van Beveren, who refused to participate in the World Cup.

In the tournaments group stage, Netherlands was grouped with Peru, Scotland and Iran in Group D. This time the Netherlands were less impressive in the group stages, as they qualified only as runners-up, after a draw with Peru and a loss to Scotland. In the second group phase, however, the Netherlands topped a group including Italy and West Germany, setting up a final with Argentina. However, the Dutch finished as runners up for the second World Cup in a row as they ultimately lost 3–1 after two extra time goals from Argentina.

Monday, December 14, 2009

No more BPL team kits soon

Another bad news from me, today
I'm got to removed all the Premier League team kits before 18th December 2009. So you all have 2 more days to see all my Premier League kits.

Here the message I'm received :

We have received a number of complaints about the Premier League kit templates posted on your site. These templates infringe the intellectual property (including copyright and trade marks) of a number of parties – for instance – the Liverpool template infringes rights of Liverpool FC, Adidas, and the Premier League itself. From your blog it does seem that you are developing the site as a personal project so we would rather approach you personally first than take more formal measures. However, we must insist that all Premier League club kit templates are removed from the website as soon as possible and in any event by Friday December 18th.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

No more UMBRO kits here

What a shocks,
I'm got few message, on my PayPal account that I'm violate theire agreement, still don't have clue untill I'm received these message from PayPal

However, we have received a report that your website is currently infringing upon theintellectual property of Umbro International. Such infringement also violates PayPals Acceptable Use Policy. Under theAcceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive paymentsfor items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right ofpublicity or privacy, or any other proprietary right under the laws of anyjurisdiction. This includes transactions for counterfeit items orunauthorized replicas or copies of items.

So from these days, I'm deleted all the UMBRO kits articles from my site. Sorry for that. Maybe I should write something to UMBRO for plead or give permissions. To all my friends who willing to helped, please mailed me.

Looked I'm got to stopped the progress for these Lyon kits.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Argentina WC78 completed kits

Argentina finally winning in 1978, for the first time in its history FIFA World Cup. Argentina did his debut as host and beating 2 -1 at Hungary, subsequently won 2-1 to France, then lost 1 - 0 with Italy but still make through Second round. In second round he won 2 - 0 to Poland, Draw 0 - 0 with Brazil and won 6 - 0 to Peru. The final against Netherlands, and win 3-1 after extra time.

I have posted the 4 version of Argentina home kits that was worn on FIFA World Cup 1978. Actually the team have released 6 version kits, included the away and third. However these Adidas classic 70's style team Argentina away and third strip made no appearance at the tournament. Argentina worn these two version for friendly match from 1978 to 1979, the team also change a bit to the crest design on the shirt after World Cup tournament.

At with most kits of the time, the Argentina third kit design featured the same styling as the away but in a different colour scheme. White is a rarely AFA team colour and like the away outfit, this shirt also featured matching collar, trim and cuff in dark blue.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


To tired to spend much time on computer these few days. Thanks again for who supported and supported me always. Below the font set they all get for make donation when I'm really needed it. For information these font i'm will not releashed and share for free, cause is my personnel collection.
The Puma 2008/09 font I'm still need to updated few letters, I'm posted to all who have these set later.
Thanks to Juan for Brooks font source (I'm sure he's the first who get all my font set) and friends who share the other font sources.

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Domation link

Thanks to my loyal friends who make donation, that at the moment the amount $50.00 through my PayPal account. However I got complaint regarding my donation link via these blog. To solve these, please make donation with these Paypal adress:

Just to remind
To all my friends, I'm really need your helped for your
donation to raise at least $400 before end of these weeks. I
got bad news last night, so i need supported from you all. For
whom make donation I'm give you free unreleased font set
from me, such AC Milan, few others with new Nike/adidas
template set.

Argentina WC78 home kits

Winning team in 1978, the first time and playing at home. These reasons are more than sufficient for these uniforms to enter history. Six versions of kits used in the Cup or not. 4 are the Home Kit that has four versions, with differences in the number back, short and sock.

Argentina was the host the 1978 FIFA World Cup, the 11th staging of the World Cup between June 1 and June 25. The 1978 World Cup was won by Argentina who beat the Netherlands 3-1 after extra time in the final.
The Argentina true combination for their strip. Traditional team strip shirt, black short and white socks, with these classic adidas player number design, Argentina team worn on the most on the first round game, especially against the European team.