Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reebok Cruzeiro font set

These week font set ?
From my collection, Reebok Cruzeiro 2009-10 font set, sorry I have no idea what these Reebok font set label. These Reebok set also were worn by Sao Paulo team, both from Brazilian league. Please keep noted, next the Cruzeiro kits set on these blog.

As the bonus from me to friends who have get the font set Pack 1 before, I hope this good news for you because in a period of 48 hours starting from tomorrow. I will give a Reebok Cruzeiro and Olympikus font set free via e-mailed, as usual these set is in vector format.

So if you are still not yet get the font set Pack 1 please check my 52 font set lists and how to achieve it. Be sure get the these bonus Reebok and Olympikus your own.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Update and adding today

What I'm updated today? Flamengo 2009-10 kits, maybe seems to boring from other friends here. But you should now they have collect the largest amount of supporters in the world of football and I admit dont want to miss take opotunity to gain more followers from the Flamengo fan.OK stop that, seems like last season Flamengo have three main sponsor for clubs kits. Adriano the emperor of the club stars (and they suceed with won the 2009 Brazilian Championship, after 17 years of Flamengo's waiting) shirt numbers also change from no 9 to 10 after the club shirt sponsor to ALE. Now the number 9 will be worn by Vagner Love the profilic ace striker on loan from CSKA Moskow.

Flamengo 2010-2011 Away Kit Set

Flamengo away kits to be used in the 2010 defence of the Brazilian title will be mainly white and repeated the same style, adding to the distinctive white base in alternate red and black. The neck and the side peaks are maintain, now divided between red and black on each side, while a short horizontal band to the shirt at chest height, also divided into two parts, like the living at the bottom of the sleeves.

On the chest, there will be a horizontal stripe, divided in two with the centralised club crest. The right side of this stripe is red, while the left side is black. It varies with the logos: the shield will go in another variation, always a detail interesting alternatives, and will focus; so, the logo and the distinctive Olympikus champion are above, left and right respectively. Now they have the CBF badge (the Brazilian champion wears it) and under the badge it’s written ‘Hexacampeão Brasileiro’ (Six-time Brazilian Champion). Black shorts with red sides, and white socks with a black and red stripe at the top, complement this away shirt.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flamengo 2010/2011 kits

It's surprising me, a few days ago, the flu return, all because I catch the rain when returning from market.

2009 Brasileirao champions Flamengo new Olympikus (since they took over from Nike in 2009) kits carry a much more classical style than last year. The shirts of Flamengo are sponsored by Batavo as the main sponsor (the size of that ‘Batavo’ logo, I think to big), and Banco BMG as the secondary sponsor. The neck, type V with a black base on which the logo will Olympikus, has by his side in red peaks that form the highlight of the design. The logos on the chest are a improvement: Flamengo shield rather large on the left chest, while his upstage Olympikus logo front and center highlights the status of current champion. Feauture the CBF badge (the Brazilian champion wears it) and under the badge it’s written ‘Hexacampeão Brasileiro’ (Six-time Brazilian Champion).

The home socks will also be horizontally striped in red and black, but the home shorts will be white with red sides.

The other Flamengo collection kits from me will be the away and goalkeeper shirts that I will posted tomorrow with few other detailed sketch as a reference. So Flamengo and Brazilian team fan, please keep note. Also be here soon Cruzeiro 2009/10 and 2010/11 Reebok

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flamengo 2009-2010 completed kits

The Brazilian Série A 2009 edition was won by Flamengo (6th title). After finishing the 1st phase of the Brazilian League in un-consistent 10th place, Flamengo won the Brazilian Série A with a terrific campaign in the 2nd phase, the championship finally was decided in the very last game with a 2-1 win against Grêmio at Maracanã Stadium, after 17 years of Flamengo's waiting. Big prize for Flamengo under head coach Andrade.

After three months with the sponsor logo Olympikus Tube on the shirt, Flamengo closed a partnership with Ale, a network of gas stations.This company's fuel Ale, also sponsored Vasco and Botafogo. The agreement, reached by the end of the year will yield $ 3.5 million to the club in total. There are ongoing negotiations for the renewal of commitment 2010.

The new 2009-10 Brasilerio league champions also worn three Olympikus goalkeeper kits. The goalkeeper shirts in colors of yellow, black and blue, with the details of the signing Flamengo goalkeeper, Bruno. Olympikus also developed for the Flemish a complete line of casual wear inspired by traditions of the club and the fans, as the words race, love and passion

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flamengo 2009-2010 kits

To all fans here, the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo 2009/10 kits with Olympikus sportswear label. The new official shirt of Flamengo was introduced on 1 July, which brought together journalists, leaders, special guests and the stars of the club in the event held at the Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.

The Flamengo’s traditional home colours of Red and Black Hoops has eight horizontal stripes with Action Dry technology, which reduces skin contact with moisture in the tissue during the activities, plus details of recovery of the uniform, like the golden threads on the edge of the star on the shield of the team. The DNA of Olympikus on the chest and neck, the left half of the collar is red and the shoulders are black. Also features new standard number on the back, wrap silver. The shirt will be worn with white shorts and red and black socks.

The Flamengo away shirt reveals a historical model white with red and black bands on the chest. In addition to identifying details, the shirt has numbers in red with silver outline. The shirt will be worn with black shorts and white socks.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Olympikus font set 2009/10

For these week, I posted font set from Olympikus brand. Set Olympikus is almost exactly like that used by Lanus,Flamengo and racing. Currently
these Olympikus font I'm will spare for collection to Set Font Pack 2 in the future. For reference, I provide you all images in this set Olympikus black and white.

Lanus-Copa Sudamericana 2009

Lately every Friday and Saturday I want to spend much time together with family and friends. In order to be gives little space to keep motivated in my work.

I'm continued with Club Atletico Lanus of Argentina, only this time the team kits were worn on Copa SudAmericana, no difference from the domestic league home and away strip. Just added the players name below the numbers on the back of the shirt. The most striking feature is the third jersey with burgundy and white stripes. For the short information, in the early tournament Copa SudAmericana, Lanus with MEGAFLEX as logo sponsor written across the the middle of the shirt for a few match then return to the sponsorship logo Bingo Lanus for the next match. For those who want to help me vectorize these Megaflex logo, I'm welcomed.

I also founded C.A Lanus photo with another kits on Copa SudAmericana match, maybe the fourth kits. From the pictures here, I cannot conform more accurately, But from few references the black with burgundy patches on the shoulders matching the Lanus goalkeeper kits, only question I have
seen some patterns on the body on jersey.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Club Atlético Lanús 2009/2010 kits

Why my worked so slow recently, no clue till today. The team kits supposed to be my article yesterday.

Argentinian Club Atletico Lanus have unveiled their new 2009/10 home,away and third kits manufactured by Brazilian brand Olympikus with the brand logo appearing on the right shoulder. The club plays in the Argentinian Primera Division and finished third placed in the 2009 edition of the Argentinian league, just 2 points short from champions Velez Sarsfield. The new Olympikus kit for Lanus presented in an event was held at the premises of Ink, a bowling alley in the neighborhood of Palermo.These is the first season for Brazilian brand Olympikus in the field of Argentina league, and the Lanus collection designed based on the same template as the other Argentina club team Racing and Flamengo of Brazil.

The new Club Lanus home shirt is burgundy with white patches on the shoulders while the away shirt is the same design with the colours reversed. The most striking feature is the third jersey with burgundy and white stripes, which will go to the matches in the next Copa Nissan Sudamericana.
Maybe I'm still tired and sleepy with the all medicine I'm take for a couple day, so the Lanus away and third kits I'm posted tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liga Postobon & DIMAYOR logo

It seems happy to write back after 3 or 4 days just to spend most of time with sleep, due to a fever that torment (doctor advise, give good enough to rest). Fortunately not H2n1 virus.

As the promise of my last day, I'm share with you all two vector logo (League Postobon and DIMAYOR) from the League of Professional Colombia.
Draw by few friends and I. A friend who helped me to these both logo, please expecting Adidas template Milionarios soon. Seems to have better health this morning make me eager to write here.
Waited for tomorrow tomorrow, C. A. Lanus (Argentina) kits with the Brazil product Olympikus.

Here the dowload link for Dimayor logo.
And the Liga Postobon logo both vector in a.i formats.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Club Deportivo Los Millonarios 2010/11 kits

Since yesterday evening I spent a lot of time sick on bed with the bad cold. Thus I'm manage to answer few e-mailed to a friend. These night, not
much seems to change only slightly able to continued the worked for Deportivo Los Millonarios kits that I'm hold yesterday.

New adidas kit for Club Los Millonarios 2010/11 was officially presented in an event held in a store, north of Bogotá, Colombia, 19/02/2010. The jersey pays tribute to Bogota own symbols incorporating the Shield of Arms of the capital and the flag. The eagle coat of arms of Bogotá is engraved on the right side of the shirt and symbolizes the strength, boldness and courage of their inhabitants. On the inside of the neck is stamped on the title "Muy Noble y Muy Leal" (Very Noble and Very Loyal) and "1810 - 2010" to commemorate 200 years of origin of the flag of Bogotá and the outside of the neck is embroidered in yellow and red team name "Millionarioos" together with two interlocking circles inspired by the traditional

Short info here from my friend Santiago Alvarez M the uniforms for some Colombian professional clubs and the logo of LIGA POSTOBON must be in the shirt, this is a new rule from the DIMAYOR, some teams put the logo in the shorts for comercial reasons and the sponsor POSTOBON reclaim this actions.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Club Deportivo Los Millonarios rare kits

Although I was still burdened with variety of work, yesterday I have few spare time to make some reference this Club Deportivo Los Millonarios team, so please apologize if any e-mail that is still yet to respond.

From my searched to Club Deportivo Los Millonarios pictures I found the sponsor logo print on the right stripes these team short. Unfortunately I can not identify more accurately what the logo, there is hope among friends here who can help.

We will continued with I posted today, still with the Club Deportivo Los Millonarios kit today and tomorrow (new kits 2010/11 season), only this time I'm worked with Millonarios using a special kit for the last two games in place before launching their new latest 2010/11 kits, I hope this information accurate. Still with Adidas TIRO design, but there is little variations on the shirt sleeves, where the adidas 3 stripes longer than the previos jersey and sponsor logo relatively less on clothes this time. Another a fairly significant difference in the short, where the Adidas logo on the front not back.

I'm also attach a photo reference on the back right shirt sleeve Millonarios there is another print Liga Postobon logo. Intentionally, my sketch I did not puts Liga Postobon logo on Millonarios. These kits design during match in the Liga Postobon against Atletico Nacional, 30-01-2010. In the match Club Deportivo Los Millonarios won 2-1. Excuse me, because there is no time for me to draw on vector.

So to my friends who are interested helped me draw in the vector, I welcomed. Those who work these Liga Postobon logo will receive a master set of templates Millonarios adidas home and special kit. How to send it, email me and every logo should be in the format .AI version 9. I also received another version.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Add & Updated PSG and Millonarios

For these week I'm already updated two team kits, firstly I was add Club Deportivo Los
Millonarios team kits with the away kits. Also features Millonarios home shirts with the blue
sock. PSG I'm draw the home kits with the new sponsor logo (Dirsct 8) on the back of the shirts
when played against Marseille recently and also the captain armband in the left sleeve.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Club Deportivo Los Millonarios 2009-10 kits

Another project Colaboration with my friend Andres Miranda. Only this time almost the whole process kit design for Deportivo Los Millonarios made by Andres I just provide support in terms of templates and editing/finishing process only.

Fútbol Profesional Colombiano team Club Deportivo Los Millonarios is a Bogota city base football club. These Colombian club team was initially created in 1937 by students from two schools in the city of Bogotá: “Colegio San Bartolomé” and “Instituto La Salle”.

Millonarios presented their 2009/10 Adidas home and away kits at the San Bartolomé La Merced school on February 3, 2009. Both Club Deportivo Los Millonarios home and away shirts were used adidas TIRO design template and the shorts with model CAMPEON for the 2009 and the early 2010 season. Millonarios blue shirts also were worn with the blue sock as the primary home kits at the match. Actually for these Club Deportivo Los

Millonarios kits I'm still need a more sources, Please, friend here who knows any error on these kits illustrate, may give a few comments, and I will improve these team kits as possible.

Adidas Unity font

Hope this news is always much awaited by many friends here. Get these Adidas Unity font set, which has long been promised from me to shared. These Adidas Unity can be a gift from me to those who still not have the set font Pack 1 which I recently launched.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

PSG Away kits 2009/2010

This two-day my schedule really tiring, mostly outside the activities that I plan. Consequently,
efforts to work a double, its good to continue my posted with the article PSG team away kits.

The new PSG away football shirt 09/10 continues the club's colours with a very interesting design. The shirt is predominantly white like the Stade Saint-Germain shirt worn pre-1970, The shirt features a blue and red polkadott pattern around the whole shirt. There is red piping around the ends of the sleeves and collars. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt with the club sponsor Fly Emirates has their name written across the middle of the shirt in navy.
Little information here relating Nike new PSG shirt design started as a small controversial by been boicot PSG own loyal fans.In fact I'm agree its quite difficult for Nike based on the these 2009/10 design template to created idea of retro 70's design. But the most important we see that the success of PSG's best this season. I also drew a combination of font color set for PSG home and away kit as a reference all my friends here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PSG home kits 2009/2010

Have been a few days I did not write here, delighted to return with Paris St Germain team
home kits for season 2009/10. Project
Collaboration together with my friend Omar
Andrés Martínez from the Aikits willing to help
me with drawing vector for the team and sponsor logos for PSG. Actually more collaboration kits with friends I will display in the future.

Tribute to the two eras in the club's history, the
home shirt is mainly PSG’s traditional home colours of Navy Blue combines the club's
red/white colours (in 1970, when Stade Saint-
Germain club merged with Paris FC to become
PSG, and adopted the red and blue colours of Paris) with a new pinstripe design, which has
caused some controversy amongst the fans, as it strays away from the more traditional blue
shirt with a central red vertical stripe trimmed with white. The collar and ends of the sleeves
are also red. The club embroidered badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their
logo on the right of the shirt in white. The club sponsor Fly Emirates has their name written
across the middle of the shirt in white.

On Sunday 13 December, for the match PSG - Saint-Étienne at the Parc des Princes, Paris
Saint-Germain Football Club has decided to support 'Restos du Cœur', a charity service
which provides food for the needy, and has offered the club shirt to the charity to increase
public awareness. The PSG players will compete Week 17 of the Ligue 1 championship with the
colours of the charity, created in 1985 by French comedian Coluche, on their backs. The
kick-off will be taken by Olivier Berthes, president of the Restos du Cœur. Paris Saint-
Germain has also decided to offer five euros from every shirt sold to the Restos du Coeur charity.