Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reebok Cruzeiro font set

These week font set ?
From my collection, Reebok Cruzeiro 2009-10 font set, sorry I have no idea what these Reebok font set label. These Reebok set also were worn by Sao Paulo team, both from Brazilian league. Please keep noted, next the Cruzeiro kits set on these blog.

As the bonus from me to friends who have get the font set Pack 1 before, I hope this good news for you because in a period of 48 hours starting from tomorrow. I will give a Reebok Cruzeiro and Olympikus font set free via e-mailed, as usual these set is in vector format.

So if you are still not yet get the font set Pack 1 please check my 52 font set lists and how to achieve it. Be sure get the these bonus Reebok and Olympikus your own.


Anonymous said...

And the third kit ????

Ivaci said...

Muito bom cara.

Anonymous said...

please send me

Anonymous said...

Please send me for email font REEBOK .TTF

Alexannde S.