Friday, February 26, 2010

Tomorrow last day

My font pack great offer will be last tomorrow. Times for me to concentrate team kits for these blog with the collaboration project from others designer and of courses my Subbuteo decals project. After these offer, there are no more requested for these font set will be entertain for donate $30.00.

Tomorrow I started posted with few PSG and few South American club team collaboration with friends from AIKits, Soldsports, Andres Miranda and thinking to surprised my friends Juan from Chilekits with something nice team kits.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updated and font great offer

Lastly the GREAT OFFER from me. To get all font from my listed in vector for donate only $30.00. Offer only for 3 days. Here my listed if you still new.

Monday, February 22, 2010

my font list Part 1

Once chosen-effort spent much time and finally I could make reference to show my team kits font collection list, few I share with you and also still have in reserve. Certainly the long list here has been edited/updated and are not necessarily provided free of charge. Only their generous donation only they request will be entertained.

AC milan 2009-10
Almeria (Spain) 2009-10
AS Roma 2009-10
Barcelona 2008-10
Bayern Munich 2008-10
Boca Juniors 2006-08
Boca Juniors 2008-10
Club America 2009-10
Coca-Cola League 2007-10
Retro World Cup 1982-86
Retro World Cup 1994 Brazil
Retro adidas 1976
Retro adidas 1977-92 Brazil version
Retro adidas 1978 Argentina World Cup 1978
Retro adidas 80's to 90's 'German Style'
International adidas 2004
International adidas 2006
International adidas 2008
International adidas 2010 Unity
South American club adidas 2009/2010
South American Club Umbro 1994-97
International nike 2000 Euro Holland
International nike 2002
International nike 2004
International nike 2006 mexico
International nike 2006 Portugal
International nike 2006 USA
International nike 2006 Holland
International nike 2006 BRAZIL
International nike 2008 Euro Holland
International nike 2008 Euro Turkey
International nike 2008-2009 Brazil
Puma Pace 2006-2007
Puma Pixel 2008-2009
Puma Completa 2008-2009
Puma 2010
Galatasaray 2009-10
Real Madrid 2009-10
Pescara Calcio (Italy) 2008-09
Inter Milan 2009-10
Juventus 2009-10
Fiorentina 2008-10
FC St.Pauli 2009-10
English Premier League 2008-10
English Premier League Lion
International England 2007-09
International England 2009-10
International Brooks Chile
Major League Soccer 2008-10
France Ligue (LFP) 2008-10
Scotland Premier League

For next week I will issue another list that will make you exciting.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

African Cup of Nations 2010 patch.

Here the finishing vector logo from few friends who are willing to spare his time helped me. i'm also done few modification for these African Cup of Nations 2010, as accurate the were worn on player shirts. I'm got the reference from few photo during the tournament. The original for tournament the text 'African Cup of Nations' in English and the France text I'm make for bonus only.
Credit for the name here, and thanks to make these much easier for me.
1. Pedro Pereira (Portugal)
2. Andres Miranda Jimenez (Costa Rica) you should waited my collaboration worked with him in few days here.
3. Luismi Arias, from Spain
4. Reginaldo M. Dutra
5. Emmanuel Morales Méndez

6. Jonathas Sandes de Carvalho
7. Albert Cullen
8. Manuel Laíne
9. Pedro Pereira
10. Luis Miguel Arias Perez

African Cup of Nations 2010 patch

African Nations Cup 2010 logo

Boca Juniors yellow kits not exist

"I cant give you reliable information but I do follow the sale of shirts in Argentina and I have
never seen a yellow shirt for this season. I dont think a 3rd kit in yellow exists. They have a
yellow kit two tournaments ago but I dont think they have one now"

Perhaps I should agree the opinion given by my friend Pablo Quinteros will be prove that Yellow
Boca Juniors kits not exist but this mock-up design only points. In fact, I agree, because recently Boca Juniors have unveiled their new Nike 105th Anniversary kit

For clear my mind yesterday I spent most of a day watched football match in front of the television alone. In the morning I am visiting relatives house nearby until noon, then I watch
delayed match between Avianza Lima and Estudiantes, game that surprise me Estudiantes
lost 4-1. For the afternoon was a France Ligue 1 match, Auxxere opponents I do not remember,
night was a Malaysia FA Cup match while waiting Live telecast Premier League match
between Chelsea and Wolves. Is worth it for me to forget all the worked.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Anyone helped me

Another task for you all, these time the Angola 2010 recently tournament logo. What I'm need is the tournament logo as pitchure here and the CAF patch as player worn on shirts. Please make vectorizing it on adobe Illustrator (a.i) formats, much better if can make it on a.i version 9 formats, because I'm still loyal with these old version than the latest version... ha,ha,ha.
And for your effort, I'm sharing you the Puma 2010 font set and other mystery vector template. Not to forget all the designer who helped me thiere name. Dont forget helped me, and the Angola patch will be sharing here when its done.

Boca Juniors 2009 kits

I still continue sketch with the Boca Juniors team, only this time I'm added for the season 2009/10 Argentina Primera division kits. There may be many who already feel bored, but for a friend who is interested in Boca Juniors certainly a bonus. For the 2009/2010 season Boca Juniors of Argentina is now managed by Abel Alves to rival. Boca still dominated by few experienced players as Palermo, Rodriguez and Riquelme in first eleven squads. But still have the strength with the player such Hugo Ibarra , Ezequiel Muñoz, Jesús Méndez, Gary Medel and Pablo Mouche.
As a reference, Boca home kits in yellow sock, these time I'm draw it with captain armband.

Boca Juniors new kits still with Nike products, only quite different for this season sponsored by Samsung and Total, taking the Megatone. As usual the team home kits is mainly dark navy blue in colour featuring a yellow strip across the front and back of the shirt.
Boca Juniors badge containing 50 stars representative of all of Boca’s titles crest placed just over the heart. The 3 stars above the badge commemorate the club’s Intercontinental Cup triumphs. The new jersey also features a side tag with the inscription República de La Boca (or Boca Republic in English). The 09/10 Boca Juniors kit will be worn for the first time at the Copa Sudamericana 2009 meeting with Vélez Sarsfield.

Still with Boca Juniors, this source the latest I received from my friends Patricio. Boca is not with new 3rd kits, but with 3 shorts on these 2009/2010 season.....and many stocking. The Boca Juniors away shirts with yellow shorts were worn during match against Indepediante.

Just here I'm not sure the third jerseys this Boca Juniors only to mock-up or true used in any match in this season. I got these sources from few PES and fIFA kits designer. Please, friend here who knows, may give a few comments, and I will try sketch to improve these third Boca Juniors third kits.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boca Juniors 2009/2010 font set

I finally relieved, can prepare a lot of work that stopped briefly. Please note all my friends, I will not entertain any more free requested especially for font. Because I have been providing free link to download. But I will remain give priority to those who are willing to share their work/colaboration in logo/font, for the effort they usually will get a free gift in the form of template from me.
Whether we forget the above issues, I continue with the current results these time font set for Boca Juniors 2009/2010 season. You can get it free again from me. I think tonight I will prepare draft for their kits set.

Monday, February 15, 2010

TIFF font set by Chadwycke

I'm also like to anounce that my friends Chadwycke, willing to share his TIFF formats set collection, that mostly base from my vector set.
The set listed like
and few other, you can found it here.

Thanks Chadwycke

Boca Juniors patch

Recently there are a lot of work that I need updated, as I face a rather serious technical
problems on my PC, maybe overheating....just remember how many hours I've spent per days.
Once again, I continue with Boca Juniors, unfortunately I have problems to completed the Boca Juniors 2009/2010 team kits font set and without i'm noticed, mistakenly deleted the new finished PUMA 2009/10 font set.......that's really hurted me.

So for today I can only provided the collection Boca Juniors patch worn on the shirt
in each season. And for you loyal friends I'm share these vector format patch as a gift for waiting results from my new worked.
Download link:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Boca Juniors final Copa Libertadores 2007

As has been told several days ago, I now proceed with the kits when Boca Juniors won the 48th edition of the Copa Libertadores 2007, starting on January 24, 2007 to June 20, 2007. Under the head coach Miguel Russo then, the group stage Boca Juniors placed in group 7 with the Toluca,
Cienciano and Bolívar. Boca Juniors advanced to the knockout stage after finished second place on Group stages under Toluca, with 3 victory through victory against Cienciano (1-0), Toluca (3-0), Bolivar (7-0), followed by draw 1 and lost 2 times. In the next round Boca Juniors beat Vélez
Sársfield with 4-3 victory agregate good enough to continue the struggle Miguel Russo squad to round Quaterfinals to defeat teams are Libertad La Bombonera (agregate 3-1). Semifinals also force squad Boca Juniors working hard again with a tough fight victory against Cucuta Deportivo (agregate 4-3) to lead them to final and it was won by Boca Juniors, by defeating Gremio of Brazil. Among the list of the main squad Boca Juniors in 2007 when it was :

GK 12 Mauricio Caranta, DF 4 Hugo Ibarra, DF 6 Daniel Díaz, DF 3 Claudio Morel Rodríguez, DF 21 Clemente Rodríguez, MF 8 Pablo Ledesma, MF 24 Ever Banega, MF 19 Neri Cardozo, MF 10 Juan Román Riquelme, FW 14 Rodrigo Palacio, FW 9 Martín Palermo (c), GK 25 Pablo Migliore, MF 5 Sebastián Battaglia, MF 2 Matías Silvestre, MF 11 Bruno Marioni, MF 15 Guillermo Marino, FW 17 Mauro Boselli,MF 23 Jesús Datolo, MF 16 Sergio Orteman.

Just a little information over now, I will move on the final kit for Boca Juniors. In the first leg final round, against Gremio in Buenos Aires, Boca Juniors Nike kit with all the traditional La Bombonera blue with the 3-0 victory.

In the second leg in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Boca still with the blue jersey, but with bright yellow trousers continue 2-0 victory, only here I do not drew GK kit because I still not enough good source, I just need more pictures goalkeeper kit and the number on the back clothes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boca Juniors_2007-09 font

There are probably many supporters of Boca Juniors here, another series of classic after I get new spirit in the time almost in despair even I almost decided to close the direct this www, switchimageproject. Fortunately I have time to get the views of closest friends.
Complete Subbuteo decal for Boca Juniors Cup final tournament Copa Libertadores 2007. The 48th edition, was the sixth championship for Boca Juniors. But this decals set not interesting article that I want to share. Free again, another collection of full number of season team Boca Juniors until 2007 to early summer 2009, if I am mistaken please comment here with knowledge. Font set that I gave this only in black and white, presumably why I favor recent all for free. Probably good I can be rewarded with the contribution of the many donations.
Also get a package kit Boca Juniors and other collections by contacting me, but remember not so free.For several days I will provide illustrations Boca Juniors jerseys this season and the 2007 Libertadores Cup final.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FIFA Club world cup patch

FIFA Club World Cup patch for the team at the tournament recently held at UAE, I've at the vector formats. Like it download here for free.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Updated kits_FC Barcelona

For today i'm also add two kits on the FC Barcelona 2009/2010 kits collection. The collection FC Barcelona goalkeeper home and Player version Barca home kits after I'm been off for few days.

Also on the listed the new set, from my Subbuteo decal set on vector template. Features Fluminense and Celtic kits. Other template are available River Plate, AC Milan and few Barclay Premier League team set.

Barcelona Champions league patch

After I'm seek for helped vectorizing the Barcelona Champions league patch, there are really good feedback from my friends. As a credit from their helped I'm past them free Barcelona vector home template and font set.
First of all, many thanks to Marcos VP, Patricio Echevarrieta, Brian Castro, Albert Cullen, Reginaldo M. Dutra (, José Marcos Bizinover, Alex, Bruno Clementino, Omar Andres Martinez Sierra, Jonathas Sandes de Carvalho, Pedro Pereira and Juan at Chilekits who spend their times to helped me.

Now as I promised, I'm share to you all these Champions League patch were worn on sleeve by Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League 2009/2010 season tournament. FC Barcelona been honoured to wear these patch as the champions of 2008/2009, after beat Manchester United at the final. These Barca Champions patch I'm modified from the vector template from my friend Chewbacca at AI Kits.blogspot who I'm looked the most accurate from the image source they provided base on the shirts worn by Abidal during the UEFA Cahampions league match. Ok to get these Champions league patch visited here.
or Download link:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Barcelona font set 2009-10

FC Barcelona still with the same font set as previos season, but for today I'm add with the font were used on Barca special kits on Joam Gamper trophy. I'm also add the home kits on my FC Barcelona 2009-10 kits articles.
Above the Subbuteo decal set on vector template for FC Barcelona.

Monday, February 1, 2010

FC Barcelona 2009/2010 kits

Spainish La Liga powerhouse FC Barcelona having won nineteen La Liga titles, a record twenty-five Spanish Cups, eight Spanish Super Cups, four Eva Duarte Cups and two League Cups. They are also one of the most successful clubs in European football having won fourteen major trophies in total, including eleven UEFA and FIFA official competitions. Currently manage by former Barca midfielder Josep "Pep" Guardiola, the Catalonia team was founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English and Spanish men led by Joan Gamper. The club has become a Catalan institution, hence the motto "Més que un club" (More than a club). The club's stadium is the Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe with a capacity of 98,772 seats.
Few of the 2009/2010 season players listed 1-Víctor Valdés, 2-Dani Alves, 3-Gerard Piqué, 4-Rafael Márquez, 5-Carles Puyol (captain), 6-Xavi Hernández, 8-Andrés Iniesta, 9-Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 10-Lionel Messi, 11-Bojan Krkic, 14-Thierry Henry, 15-Seydou Keita, 16-Sergio Busquets, 17-Pedro Rodríguez, 18-Gabriel Milito, 22-Éric Abidal, 24-Yaya Touré .

FC Barcelona goalkeeper strip is mostly black, there is blue and red pinstripes running down the shirt. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt in yellow. The club sponsors have their name written across the middle of the shirt in yellow.

The home kits is Barcelona’s traditional colours of Blue and Red stripes. Barca badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt in yellow. The club sponsors have their name written across the middle of the shirt in yellow

FC Barcelona still continue theire strips with NIKE, the away shirt is mainly Orange/Mango. The collar is navy blue and so also is the ends the sleeves. The club sponsors UNICEF have their name written across the middle of the shirt, also feature small catalan flag on the back of shirts. These away shirts were worn during the away match on the La Liga and UEFA .