Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boca Juniors yellow kits not exist

"I cant give you reliable information but I do follow the sale of shirts in Argentina and I have
never seen a yellow shirt for this season. I dont think a 3rd kit in yellow exists. They have a
yellow kit two tournaments ago but I dont think they have one now"

Perhaps I should agree the opinion given by my friend Pablo Quinteros will be prove that Yellow
Boca Juniors kits not exist but this mock-up design only points. In fact, I agree, because recently Boca Juniors have unveiled their new Nike 105th Anniversary kit

For clear my mind yesterday I spent most of a day watched football match in front of the television alone. In the morning I am visiting relatives house nearby until noon, then I watch
delayed match between Avianza Lima and Estudiantes, game that surprise me Estudiantes
lost 4-1. For the afternoon was a France Ligue 1 match, Auxxere opponents I do not remember,
night was a Malaysia FA Cup match while waiting Live telecast Premier League match
between Chelsea and Wolves. Is worth it for me to forget all the worked.


mini-d said...

That is not the current kit set. I got the home one. I will send you pictures… for sure the yellow one doesn't have that neck, it has the short v-neck and the colors are simple inverted one from the main kit.

mini-d said...

This is away shirt

It's the inverted color as the main one:

Boca Juniors also changed of sponsors, now it uses "Banco Franc├ęs" logo on front and back.