Monday, September 30, 2013

France 1962-1965 team kits

France team failing to qualify for numerous international tournaments in early 60s, such  the 1962 FIFA World Cup and the 1964 European Nations' Cup. For note Henri Guérin was officially installed as the team's first manager on 25 April 1964.

Both France national team kits, simple roumd-neck long sleeve jersey. Without any maker logo on the shirts just the team crest.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kits under progress

Bit busy lately, manage to worked on these kits (what team) last few days. Hope these graphics pattern will good enough for the gaming and subbuteo designer who gonna worked on these team kits.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

France 1908-1914 team kits

In 1908, there was a issue and the national team leaves the USFSA. The football national team joins the CFI (Comité Français Interfédéral). Two verion shirts strips was worn on that period match. For the game against Italia, the 29th of March 1914, the players were asked to bring back a white short. It was the first time they were asked to have the same short. And for the kit of this period, there were no crest on the shirt on the home kit.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fenerbahce 2013-14 third kits

I've done few Fenerbahce kits before, but these kits I'm worked out less than One and half hour. The Fenerbahce 2013-14 third Fan Force uniform on the chest designed become traditional in every one of the scenes accompanied by music and a special collectively, the wraps off the ceremony with a great enthusiasm in the bleachers of a photograph is made. Rhythm of fans holding up scarves held together in a modern way on a stylized form of the scene transition from blue to yellow color and lines in details in the 'shield and armor' structure in the field of athletes who are fighting for clubs. Fenerbahce fans with a single body strength to carry on the breasts is to be the main theme of this shirt.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

France 1906-1908 Away/3rd kits

From the 1906 to 1908, France team has worn aditional another two strip, away the blue shirt. This kit was used in 1908 (especially during the Olympic games, when we palyed versus Danemark 2 times ). The France Red third kit in 1906, Defeat against the England amateur team. Both kits the background of the shield was white, with a small crest with the 2 red and blue circle on the left side of the chest.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

France 1900 team kits

Kit of the Olympic Games 1900. The shirts were white with two circles, In 1900 a USFSA XI also represented France at the Olympics. The French selection of the Union of French Societies of Athletic Sports (USFSA) finished silver medal at the Paris Olympics.

France 1904 through 1908 team kit

For started the France national team collection kits. This is the 1904 shirt from the first game again Belgium (3-3). At this time, the players just were just given a shirt. They have to used their own short and socks. So, they had not the same. The shirt was the only thing to know they were in the same team.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Boca Juniors 1976-77 away kits

Both kits Boca Juniors away kits I'm posted here were worn once. I'm still no clue what shirt manufacture, the White Boca away was worn during the Copa Libertadores 1977 finals. The Yellow shirts kits on the Copa Libertadores 1976 against Defensor Montevideo.

Both Boca Juniors away shirts won with the blue Home shorts and yelloe socks. The shorts made by Nanque.

Boca Juniors 1978 adidas kits

Adidas  iconic blue and yellow home strip worn by Boca Juniors in the 1978 friendly match for the two match against River Plate and vs Cosmos.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Boca Juniors numbers 70s

Just updated the 1978-79 kits graphic, Same shirt was worn for the Boca team since 1976 season (4 season). Jersey made by Industria Argentina, the shorts by Nanque.
Numbers on the back was made in leather, and sewn on the jersey.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Real Madrid 2003-04 font

With the line-up David Beckham,Roberto Carlos, Zinédine Zidane, Ronaldo and Luis Figo, under Portugal Carlos Queiroz as the manager, Real Madrid came in fourth in La Liga, seven points behind first-place Valencia, they lost to Real Zaragoza in the final of Copa del Rey and lost in the quarterfinals of the
UEFA Champions League.

For more image please visited my second blog, switch image footy kits that will be the blog that I'm updated for the latest and previous Font setys that I have worked for.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Real Madrid 2007-08 font

Real Madrid clinched their 31st Spanish league championship. David Beckham playing his last game for the club while Germany manager Bernd Schuster sadly not doing well on UEFA Champions League (Round of 16) and Copa del Rey (Round of 16). New sponsor for the club Bwin, Adidas has introduced 3 kits for these season.

For more image please visited my second blog, switch image footy kits that will be the blog that I'm updated for the latest and previous Font sets that I
have worked for.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Atletico Madrid 2013-14 Font

To celebrate club's successes and heritage and the 110 years anniversary, Atlético Madrid 13-14 new Nike Home and Away Kits include a label in the neck with a new slogan for the club where you can read inspirational motto for the club '110 years of legend'(110 Años de Leyenda 1903), in honor of the anniversary of the club, as well as a small Spanish flag on the back in reference to the identification with national sentiment. Additional new style design font was created for the club kits.

For more image please visited my second blog, switch image footy kits that will be the blog that I'm updated for the latest and previous Font sets that I have worked for.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Boca Juniors Hugo 'El Loco' Gatti kits

The kits not completed yet, but I'm really fascinate to Loco Gatti or nicknamed El Loco (The Madman). Early 80s, Hugo Gatti one of the keeper. I'm recognize him with that unique style variety of colours and sponsor on keeper kits. Gatti who played in the Argentine First Division for 26 seasons and set a record of  765 appearances. He won three national championships, two Copa Libertadores tournaments, and one Intercontinental Cup with Boca Juniors, and played professionally until the age of 44. Gatti was voted Player of the Year of Argentina in 1982, and was ranked as the third best Argentine goalkeeper of the 20th Century in a poll.

At the moment I'm just posted the variety of Gatti keeper kits he worn at the Boca Juniors from 1980 t0 1982 with the Jet sponsor. So far from my knowledge, Gatti have few kits also withother sponsor such Federal Banco Argentina and Paparazi that really fascinate me.
Maybe you all can helped me sought for me more reference these Gatti kits, and lastly what label for these Gatti shorts ?

Boca Juniors 1978-79 home kits

Boca Juniors presence as the powerhouse at these period season, Champions Libertadores 1977, 1978 and almost get the third title straight but lost 2-0 to CLUB OLYMPIA (Paraguay club) at the final match. Before that Boca was crown World club Champion, Intercontinental Cup beating Borussia Mönchengladbach
(Germany) the first match played in Buenos Aires ended 2–2 but Boca won the second game 3–0 in Karlsruhe, Germany and brought the trophy back to Argentina. Boca Juniors obtained its second Copa Libertadores after defeating Deportivo Cali (coached by Carlos Bilardo) 4–0 in the Bombonera (the first match played in Colombia had finished 0–0).

Made by Industria Argentina, without maker logo or team creast on the jersey, a horizontal yellow stripe on their chest. Nanque label for the Boca Juniors shorts on these period.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Boca Juniors 1984 Dekalb sponsor

Since August  1984 season, new sponsor logo 'Dekalb rinde' was worn on the Boca yellow stripe. There is a curiosity, rather than using a team crest, the club use the sponsor logo as the brand.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Boca Juniors 1984 team shirts

There was a time in Boca Juniors history, That year everything that could go wrong for the Argentine club does not come out well, it came out worse. For starters, Boca had to play many home games outside La Bombonera and was near to a financial collapse, almost going bankrupt. Due to the economic situation by passing the entity at the top of debts. The same year the team suffered their biggest defeat at the hands of FC Barcelona, losing 1–9 in a Joan Gamper Trophy match.
I'm not sure which year, and till what year these kits was worn. These home shirts I'm guess Boca worn on the tetimonial or outside the league. Any info comments here.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Boca Juniors 1984 alternative shirts

Sometimes accident happen, On July 8, 1984, against Atalanta the Fourth Division club, a conflict began by the request of Atalanta team for similarity of colors in their clothing and TVs, asked for Boca Juniors changed his uniform not to be confused with the opponent who played all dark blue. The bad news Boca did not have any reserve shirts and the solution have to use a training jersey (white with blue and yellow 3 strips), which obviously did not have figures on the back. Without hesitate in a hurry, Boca crew hand paint the numbers on the back of the shirts, but over the course of the match, and the players sweat,
the numbers began to blur."Great Idea" on a piece of cloth with a giant stain on the back.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boca Juniors 1983 Home kits

Boca Juniors alternate sponsor version kits I founded out. These time the inscription 'VINOS' smaller than the previous kits I'm posted. So far from my sources, Boca was worn these sponsor version with the Long-sleeve shirts.

Boca Juniors 1983 kits

For the first time in the club history,February 26, 1983. Boca shirts with the advertising Vinos Maravilla (Wonder Wine) inscription print in the yellow band, thus began in Argentine football printed advertising on kits. In 1983 Boca had four different coaches Carmelo Faraone, Raúl Seoane, Ernesto Grillo and Miguel Ángel López make the club finished seventh. That year, during the Metropolitan, in the game against Racing, tragic accident cause stadium ban for the Boca rest of the tournament.

The 1983 season, Boca kits made by Adidas Argentina. The club have two style design kits, first round and collar neck. Adidas trefoil logo also bigger than the previous season.
I'm also founded the club was worn with three version 'VINOS MARAVILLA' sponsor logo on their kits.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brazil World Cup 1966 kits (Updated)

These Brazil Wold Cup 1966 kits I;m already done before through my switch image footy kits blog. But today kits I'm updated already. So far from my researched the Brazil world cup 66 kits made by the Brazilian brand, Athleta. If I'm wrong please comment here..
Brazil Athleta kits still with the traditional colour, Without any maker logo is placed on the shirt with the CBD crest left part of the chest. The shirts was worn with the blue shorts with the thin white trim detailed.
 I'm also still search any good photo, sources regarding any Brazil national team kits Brazil (1960-69), if you have any info want to share, and see these kits I'm worked...please mailed me

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boca Juniors 1980-1982 team kits

Recently my schedule too tight, and at the same time I'm just started with 'My Sketch Journal'. The best classic team kits, I'm back with the Boca Juniors
1980-82 season with the Diego Maradona the ace for the clubs that well known with a horizontal yellow stripe on their shirts.
During the decade of the 1980s Boca only won one title in year 1981 (champion of the 1981 Metropolitano). The highlight was the acquisition of Diego Maradona, who came to the club along with Miguel Brindisi, Osvaldo Escudero, Marcelo Trobbiani and former player Silvio Marzolini as coach.