Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boca Juniors 1983 kits

For the first time in the club history,February 26, 1983. Boca shirts with the advertising Vinos Maravilla (Wonder Wine) inscription print in the yellow band, thus began in Argentine football printed advertising on kits. In 1983 Boca had four different coaches Carmelo Faraone, Raúl Seoane, Ernesto Grillo and Miguel Ángel López make the club finished seventh. That year, during the Metropolitan, in the game against Racing, tragic accident cause stadium ban for the Boca rest of the tournament.

The 1983 season, Boca kits made by Adidas Argentina. The club have two style design kits, first round and collar neck. Adidas trefoil logo also bigger than the previous season.
I'm also founded the club was worn with three version 'VINOS MARAVILLA' sponsor logo on their kits.

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