Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yugoslavia World Cup 74 kits

World Cup 1974 tournaments, Yugoslavia national football team represented Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1946–1992). First round, the team in Group 2 was a particularly close group. The group was decided by how many goals could Brazil and Scotland score to defeat Zaire. Every other game played in the group was drawn so the three top teams finished with four points each. Yugoslavia hammered Zaire 9–0. Brazil beat them 3–0. Scotland could only manage a 2–0 margin, and so were edged out of the tournament on goal difference.

Meanwhile, in Group B, West Germany and Poland both managed to beat Yugoslavia and Sweden, make the exit way for Yugoslavia these tournaments. Dragan Džajić main man for Yugoslavia team these World Cup 1974 .

Yugoslavia with a classic Kopa, shirt both home and away kits. A simple V-neck and a red/white/blue three-stripe design featured on this France manufacture strip. What I saw the Yugoslavia World Cup 74 shirts wore with the adidas shorts and socks.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Italy World Cup 74 kits

Italy the 1970 finalist, not doing well these tournaments, Azurri failed to reach the second phase mostly because of the unexpected rise of Poland.

The first game was against Haiti, and it went well, save for the Haitians nicking Dino Zoff’s goal record of 1142 minutes without conceding. It was a 3-1 despite being down a goal for a hair. The second game was the ever so meaningful one, or so it was thought, against Argentina. As so often happens with big games in the groups, it disappointed, with a 1-1 draw off an Argentine own goal earning Italy their point.This would set up the final game with Poland, merely a draw needed, with qualification via a loss still possible. However, Poland would continue their tear, setting Italy down 2-0 by the half, and putting Italy quickly into panic mode. Italian goalkeeper Dino Zoff conceded his first goal in 1,143 minutes when Haitian Sanon scored in their 3-1 loss to the Azzurri.

Italy classic simple round neck manufacture by Adidas, but at the time showing the logo or the three stripes was forbidden by the italian federation. The Italy home kits was in the favoured blue and white combination, the shirt, with its matching round neck and cuffs, was quite a unique design, let down only by the team badge over the left chest. The Italy home was wore during the match against Argentina and Poland. The away shirt totally in white strip, but now combined them with a broad blue horizontal panel. Italy wore the away kits at first game was against Haiti.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bonus set for PACK 2-Completed

Bonus set for the friend who have my PACK 2 collection. same as usual all in the vector formats. A.I file.
Few of my friends requested for the Nike WC 2010, what can I said, passion........Free again for the PACK 2 collection.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarawak FA kits for fans vote

My concept design kits for the SARAWAK FA fans to vote, hopefully they want to used it for M-League these Malaysian Cup or new season league.

The requested project from my friend Adam (Sarawak die hard kits collector and fan). Actually he wanted with the Away kits, but at the moment I'm posted the Home kits. Also featured the custom font sets for the team.

Note : Theses design base on my future product model ACE. At the moment my project still in progress.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Updated Argentina WC74 kits

As always I will continuously give the best work. My updated Argentina World Cup 1974 strip, my third modified, with new template and sock colour scheme. While watching the World Cup 1974 record on my PC between Argentina and East Germany, I saw the shirt Argentine striker Rene Houseman are quite different from other team-mate. Do not see much difference as color and shape of the same shirt, but his v-neck collar in white.

My question why the numbers 11 players jersey is different ?
Only your comment will be able to provide the answer.
Completed Argentina World Cup 74 kits here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Poland World Cup 74 font

Two different logo for the Polish team jersey during the 1974 World Cup. If my sketch is not correct, hope you all can share with the accurate information for the improvements. Perhaps my reference material for jersey /logo used during the competition not perfect.

Now I'm posted a collection of players numbers used in the Polish team of 74 World Cup, feature here extra set of Adidas numbers that patch on the left short. For these short set of numbers font I'm still not sure Adidas completeness at number 5 and 9. As usual, you all can share with me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poland World Cup 74 kits

Poland make the impact on the international football when shook up the world during the World Cup in Germany 1974 with the third places tittle. However, this was no huge surprise as the core of the team successfully achieved a gold medal place in the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Olympics were not considered a major tournament by most Western nations, but Eastern European countries bypassed the amateur rules by fielding their full national teams, as most players also had employment with national industries or within the army. With their lighting speed and incredible team chemistry they were almost unstoppable. In qualifying they surprised everyone by eliminating England, quarter-finalists in 1970 and Champions in 1966.

Poland started the tournament on the Group 4 first round stage met Argentina, The match finished 3–2 for Poland with two goal Grzegorz Lato and Andrzej Szarmach the scorer. Poland easily beat the Caribbean nation of Haiti 7–0 in their second game and win a 2-1 against Italy to gave their third consecutive win, which led them to win the group. In the second round Poland first won 1–0 against a Swedish side, next beat Yugoslavia 2-1 but crushed 1-0 to West Germany in the miserably wet conditions. Poland would end the amazing run with a 1–0 victory over Brazil in the third place game. Lato scored the winning goal his 7th of the tournament crowning him the top scorer of the World Cup. Jan Tomaszewski, Andrzej Szarmach and their captain Kazimierz Deyna among the stars of the Poland World Cup 74 team.

Featuring the same basic design as the Poland home kits, it simply reversed the colours of the home design and feature the trefoil logo over the right chest. The shorts and socks of both this and the home were interchangeable between the outfits. The Poland away kits was worn for just one match in whole tournament. No.17 worn by Andrzej SZARMACH.
Beat BRAZIL 1-0 at Olympiastadion, Munich ( Third-Place Match, 6 July 1974 )
Note: Poland wore the change red shorts and socks.

Poland new change outfit retained all the stylings of the both home and away kits. White round neck collar and cuff replacing the V-neck, featured with the new team badge and trefoil logo.
No.18 worn by Grzegorz LATO.
1. Beat SWEDEN 1-0 at Neckarstadion, Stuttgart ( Second round, Group B, 26 June 1974 )
Note: Poland wore short-sleeves jersey with the white shorts and red socks.
2. Lost WEST GERMANY 1-0 at Waldstadion, Frankfurt ( Second round, Group B, 3 July 1974 )
Note: Poland wore short-sleeves jersey with the red shorts and red socks.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Argentina WC74 font

Argentina not doing well this tournament, started on the Group 4 first round stage with the Poland, Italy and Haiti. They lost their first game with Poland 3-2, drew to Italy 1-1 and win the last game against Haiti 4-1 to make through the Second round beats Italy by better goal difference. Second round the group A Stage, against the tough team on these tournament, Argentina losing to Netherlands 4-0, Brazil 2-1 and drew 1-1 to East Germany to exit their way.

Argentina 74 World Cup squads:
1 GK Daniel Carnevali, 2 FW Ruben Ayala, 3 MD Carlos Babington, 4 FW Agustin Balbuena, 5 DF Angel Bargas, 6 MD Miguel Brindisi, 7 DF Jorge Carrascosa, 8 MD Enrique Chazarreta, 9 DF Ruben Glaria, 10 DF Ramon Heredia, 11 FW Rene Houseman, 12 GK Ubaldo Fillol, 13 FW Mario Kempes, 14 DF Roberto Perfumo, 15 MD Aldo Poy, 16 DF Francisco Sa, 17 MD Carlos Squeo, 18 MD Roberto Telch,19 DF Nestor Togneri, 20 DF Enrique Wolff, 21 GK Miguel Santoro, 22 FW Hector Yazalde, Coach: Vladislao Cap

3 July 1974, Second Round, Group A match 1-1 draw against East Germany in Parkstadion, Gelsenkirchen, Argentina with the away kits worn only once during the whole tournament.
Note : Argentina wore with the black home shorts and home socks. Featuring alternate forward Rene Houseman with the same basic design as the away kit, now trimmed with white on V-neck collar and cuff.

Another bonus font set to Set Pack 2 collection, the adidas players number to team as Argentina, Poland, Haiti during the World Cup 74.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bonus font for set PACK 2

For all my friends who already have my font Set PACK 2, these England World Cup 2010 font will the bonus from me.
There will be another 4 font on the listed such Adidas WC 1974 worn by team such Argentina, France, Holland 1974 and few Nike latest WC.

These bonus font set I'm posted through mailed another 2 days.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free basic template

How about free template, today I prepared a basic template for your all, I am sure this will help those who are new or want to try. established almost four years, and on 19 April 2010, I had a plan to closed these project, because at these time
I need to give attention only on certain projects. Once again, many who are still loyal support keep me move on.

In recent days, some attempts to comment for my actions to impose fees on some of my work. My answer is simple, if they are concerned and really appreciate my work, they will not be debate. Because the answer on your own. It's like the book, if you fan the author or really like the book you
dont asked much to have it.

For those the request I'm not able to fulfill before, once again I apologize but for sure whom sharing their source always get the priorty. Furthermore I am not celebrities or the best artist who has a lot of money to be able to provide fully committed to

Straight to the point, here the link for the basic template.
Filename: DreamFans_Shirt
File description: Basic kits template
File size: 867.51 KB
Download link:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Font Set Pack-2

My second set's font collection, Set Pack-2, after I'm released the first 2 month ago, here new set with England 2010 font on the listed.

Anyway you can get the new set Pack-2 in a.i (illustrator) as usual through my mailed
Only the serious client, will be entertained.

Macron kits font

Last couple days, I've done few Serie A teams font. All these show my thanks and welcome to all my new Italian friends who are going increased since I'm started with the subbuteo decal template.

here the three Serie A team Napoli, Bologna and Cagliari with the italian manufacturer kits MACRON, and these font set were worn during the 2009/10 season match .

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Napoli 2008-09 font

Actually these font set I'm draw for my Napoli 2008-09 Subbuteo decals set, It's a first series before I'm continue to the Napoli 2009-10 font.

Also here who have the detailed image for the England WC2010 font, I need the mesh image (hold/dot on the numbers) only. I'm on progress the set's .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

S.C Internacional C.Sudamericana 2009 kits

Brazilian club Sport Club Internacional, make a through to Copa Sudamericana 2009 as the Copa Sudamericana 2008 defending champion. In the year of its centenary, Sport Club Internacional not make a good progress when lost Round of 16 match to Universidad de Chile.

Clubs 2009-10 uniforme similar design to the Cruzeiro’s Reebok kits, the home kit is a plain red shirt, with plain white shorts and socks; the away kit is plain white shirt, withe plain red shorts and socks. Internacional still with the Banrisul and Tramontina as the major sponsor and also I spot the differenced for the short between the Crueiro and Internacional. Short Info here, during the domestic league match Internacional shirts without
players name on the back and numbers on the short.

Internacional third shirt is in gold, and follows the others Inter’s templates (found on other Reebok’s shirts too): almost no details, only the sponsor, the number the crest and a small detail in the sleeve in red.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kappa font

These time the Kappa product for the kits font that were used among the Italian club's team such AC Siena and Sampdoria, I'm vestorized these Kappa sets for my these 2 teams collection soon.

Also updated today the Puma World Cup style that I'm posted yesterday.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Puma_Italy WC2010 font

Font top requested, the PUMA 2nd design font set on vector from me, the first sets PUMA showed it for the team kits worn in African Cup Nations.

Next from me, Kappa set font worn by team such AC Siena and Sampdoria.