Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarawak FA kits for fans vote

My concept design kits for the SARAWAK FA fans to vote, hopefully they want to used it for M-League these Malaysian Cup or new season league.

The requested project from my friend Adam (Sarawak die hard kits collector and fan). Actually he wanted with the Away kits, but at the moment I'm posted the Home kits. Also featured the custom font sets for the team.

Note : Theses design base on my future product model ACE. At the moment my project still in progress.


aFiQ said...

Nice bro!
Mntak izin share kt HMC eh~

Ultramanzye said...

Hi Azmi, great stuff you got there!

Eleté said...

Very nice, I prefer the version with the stripes on the sleeves. The font is great,love the details!

Fernando M Pereira said...

Azmi Mie,

Please send me the font of Argentina or the World Cup 1974 Poland World Cup 1974 (Adidas).

Kind regards,


Hakim Amir said...

saya suka design 01!