Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yugoslavia World Cup 74 kits

World Cup 1974 tournaments, Yugoslavia national football team represented Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1946–1992). First round, the team in Group 2 was a particularly close group. The group was decided by how many goals could Brazil and Scotland score to defeat Zaire. Every other game played in the group was drawn so the three top teams finished with four points each. Yugoslavia hammered Zaire 9–0. Brazil beat them 3–0. Scotland could only manage a 2–0 margin, and so were edged out of the tournament on goal difference.

Meanwhile, in Group B, West Germany and Poland both managed to beat Yugoslavia and Sweden, make the exit way for Yugoslavia these tournaments. Dragan Džajić main man for Yugoslavia team these World Cup 1974 .

Yugoslavia with a classic Kopa, shirt both home and away kits. A simple V-neck and a red/white/blue three-stripe design featured on this France manufacture strip. What I saw the Yugoslavia World Cup 74 shirts wore with the adidas shorts and socks.


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