Friday, April 30, 2010

S.C Internacional 2010 kits

Brazilian serie A team from Porto Alegre, Sport Club Internacional or Internacional currently playing in the Second Stage Group 5, which also includes Deportivo Quito, Cerro and Emelec, For the record Internacional has won won the 2006 Copa Libertadores when they defeated the defending champions São Paulo. Internacional also won the 2006 FIFA Club World Cup.

The new Reebok shirts of Internacional have been presented by the club at the Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre in front around 100 people. On the event Sport Club Internacional launched their home, away, third and goalkeeper kits for the 2010 domestic and Copa Libertadores season. The shirt sponsor is Southern Brazil’s largest bank, Banrisul, Tramontina and Unimed. Internacional’s 2010 home shirt will be red, with the Reebok logo placed on the sides (dark red), on the shoulders (white), and on the chest player number (red). There will be white piping extending
from the upper chest around the back part of the neck. Banrisul’s logo, the manufacturer’s logo and the player number will be white on the home shirt. The new away shirt on the other hand is all white, with red centralised manufacturer logo, and two smaller red logos on the shoulders. All logos and numbers on the away shirt are red.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inter Milan & Juventus Font

Been stuck for a few month these two Italian Serie A giants club font, Finally I'm finish updated. These Inter milan and Juventus font I'm re-do-it, after the previous file damage.

The long hours worked...........

Monday, April 26, 2010

Add & Updated kits

Bot to concentrate on the Subbuteo decals and manage to posted these two team kits change shirts. For Corinthians the away kits, looked to back because the design base on most Nike kits were worn on 2007-08 for the European clubs.

Cruzeiro I'm add with the Questão de Estilo Jeans sponsor logo on the back below the players number. The kits much better with the blue shorts.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My template for student used

Recently I'm received few e-mailed requested for my templated for school project.
Here the mailed
I am a primary school teacher and I am currently covering the World Cup as our theme in class.
Was just researching designing football kits and found this website and it mentioned you giving away design sheets.
I would really appreciate if you could help me at all. Many thanks

I am emailing to request the Puma Kit templates that i have seen on the switchimageproject website as I would like to do this activity with my class. Many Thanks

Please email me your templates for my students to use. Bestwishes

It's been honoured that my template been used for education, that will be remembered moment.

Corinthians Subbuteo decals

Quite so long I was not showing you my decal Subbuteo team design. Few may have wondered, If I stop the Subbuteo project. I still active only due other commitment I was a bit slow. Today I'm continue the work with the Corinthians home set with detail as possible.

Recent work Subutteo decal kit, template seems not much different than before. As usual in vector format, I just fill with all the logo and font set
once. Sure to provide facilities to those not familiar with my Subbuto decal template to edit their own. A friend who has had or will have to engage a
work of my Subbuteo, this time my services are a little cheaper with a complete decal set package rather than the previous team. These time the players name have to edit yourself, I will charge extra for the service to edit players.

But what is certain, the complete set package
1 - Kit complete team player and goalkeeper home, away third. 11 players a keeper
2 - complete set of clubs and sponsor logos in vector
3 - Complete font set.
4 - Pictures of reference.

Friday, April 23, 2010

SC Corinthians 2009-10 kits

Sport Club Corinthians Paulista or Corinthians are a successful Brazilian club from Sao Paolo, won the national Serie A championship 4 times with the latest being 2005, and the Campeonato Paulista 26 times. They also won the FIFA Club World Championship of 2000. The Brazilian club qualified for the 2010 Copa Libertadores after they finished top of the 2009 state championship Campeonato Paulista, but 10th in the Brazilian Serie A national championship. Currently playing in the Second Stage Group 1, which also includes Racing, Independiente Medellín and Cerro Porteno. Corinthians also make the impact these new season signing with formerer Brazilian internationals Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.

On May 2009 Corinthians launched their 2009/10 Nike home (the kit is eerily reminiscent of the Nike Korea 2008/09 home jersey) and away kits. Home shirt design it is white in colour and has been designed by Nike. The white home kits were worn for the first time during Campeonato Brasileiro loss to Internacional.

The shirt is sponsored by Bozzano (sleeves), Pan Americano and Neo Quimica Genericos (body centre and top back). Neo Generic Chemical was bought by the Hypermarcas which owns the most complete portfolio of brands in Brazil. The home kits also has been designed to tribute the title obtained in 1954 which was accomplished in a plain white shirt.

The away shirt is black in colour and has also been designed by Nike. It features a white traditonal collar and white vertical stripes. The logo’s are positioned the same as the home shirt with the sponsor found inside a white box. The 1950 away kit worn by Corinthians’ 1950 Rio-São Paulo Tournament winning team

Lotto font Set

I'm just finished the Corinthians and SC Internacional kits few hours ago. Maybe I'm posted tomorrow, So that's total 5 team for Copa Libertadores 2010 collection.

At the moment I'm K.I.V for a while, for me to continue another 5 more team kits from UEFA Champions Leangue 2009-10 team. My listed
Standard Liege (Diadora), Az Alkmaar (Quick), Sevilla (Joma), FC Porto (Nike) and last Atletico Madrid (Nike).

And for today another font these time from the Lotto production.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Basic template

I'm spend whole day today to finish these basic template (vector formats) to my friend Fernando. If you all interested to have can mailed me, As usual it's not free.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Font Set : Santos 09 & Puma Pixel

For Santos (Brazil) I can only show you all the letterset for team players only, because of copyright issue with UMBRO . The 2010 season lettersets I'm still on progress. For the Puma Pixel here the completed image done by me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cruzeiro 2010/2011 kits

Most popular team in the state of Minas Gerais,Brazil. Cruzeiro Esporte Clube finished in 4th place last season’s league in the Serie A. The Brazilian club qualified for the 2010 Copa Libertadores First Stage were drawn against Real Potosi from Bolivia with the first leg ended with a score of 1-1, but the second leg finished 7-0 in Cruzeiro’s favour. Currently playing in the Second Stage Group 7, which also includes Velez Sarfield, Colo-Colo and Deportivo Italia. For the record Cruzeiro has won two Copa Libertadores.

The new Reebok kits to be worn by the players of Cruzeiro in the 2010 campaign have been unveiled to the fans and press. The kits were present with new sponsor logo on the shirt, Banco BMG is the master sponsor the financial institution printed their logo on the chest and back of the uniform, following an agreement signed in December 2009. The Ricardo Eletro is the third largest retailer of furniture and appliances, has its name displayed on the sleeves. And the third major sponsor Questão de Estilo Jeans Wear is one of the largest manufacturers of jeans from Brazil, stamping his mark on the back of the shirt, below the number of players.

On shirt, Reebok logo is placed in the centre, just below the neck, on both the home and the away. The new home shirt is blue with white piping around the shoulders and around the neck. The 5 stars on the chest symbolise the Southern Cross constellation. These stars appear loosely also on the white shorts. The away shirt is white and has the club crest on the left side of the chest rather than loose stars. The complementary away shorts are blue and also feature the club crest. Banco BMG is the sponsor of Cruzeiro’s shirts.

Add & Updated Sao Paulo kits

Yesterday i'm finished with the Sao Paulo away kits with the clubs new sponsorship from the Hypermarcas until the end of the Paulista Championship2010, including the Copa Libertadores matches occurring in the period. The new sponsor logo on the shirt debut April 11, 2010 in the semi-final game against the Santos, in Morumbi stadium. Bozzano, a leading brand in health care and male, will be printed on the chest and back of the team jersey. Bozzano brand is already present in the male market health and beauty for over 60 years as a national leader in the segment of products for the shaving gels and fixatives. With the partnership, Zero Cal debut as a sponsor of a football team, recognized brand in sweeteners, will be printed on the sleeves. Zero Cal who is the absolute leader in sweeteners, won the Folha Top of Mind for the sixth straight year, since the category was sweetening included in the survey in 2004.

Also on the updated progress, the Sao Paulo home Goalkeeper kits with Ceni signature.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sao Paulo FC 2010-11 kits

Great São Paulo Futebol Clube (Brazil) played in Group 2 the Second Stage of the 2010 Copa Santander Libertadores. It will be contested from February 9 to April 22. The group stage included Once Caldas (Colombia), Monterrey (Mexico) and Nacional (Paraguay).

8th February 2010 Sao Paulo presented their Reebok home and away kits for the 2010 season with the new Reebok St Paul model. Sao Paulo home kits still with the traditional all white base and black,white and red horizontal on the center of the shirt and features 3 stars above its club badge to
represented Sao Paulo’s three world club championships. The shirt Reebok St. Paul I brings their lines sewn into the past, present and future with feature Play Dry fabric: it accelerates the evaporation of moisture produced by the body by combining two processes, dispersion and channeling and Technology UVA / UVB protection: protects from ultraviolet rays with a factor above 50

This season Sao Paulo with the new sponsorship from the Hypermarcas to replaced the LG, the popular sponsor looked on Sao Paulo shirt for the long time. Bozzano brand logo will be printed on the chest and back of the team jersey. Zero Cal logo, will be printed on the sleeves.

The away kit glorious tricolor again wears the
robe red, black and white that uses a V-neck
design inspired by the kits worn by São Paulo
during the 1970s and 1980s when the club
featured the likes of Brazilian legends Falcão
and Careca.

Players like Rogério Ceni, Miranda, Renato Silva,
Xandão, Jorge Wágner, Marcelinho, Richarlyson,
Hernanes, Cléber Santana, Jean, Washington,
Cicinho, Henrique and Bosco are part of the team first eleven these season.

Next will be Cruzeiro and SC Internacional 2010-11 Copa Libertadores 2010 kits.

My progress

In fact many have not realized yet, since a few months ago I had progress on a collection of teams kits that participated in the Copa Libertadores 2010 tournament. So far I have completed the team kits as Lanús, Universidad de Chile, Flamengo and will be followed by Sao Paulo, Cruzeiro, Internacional and Corinthians in the next few days.

In addition to the collection of the UEFA Champions League teams kits still continue, only it will take some time. This is a list of team UEFA I have

Bayern Munich
Manchester United
Real Madrid

This is a bonus question that many ask me.
When is a collection of World Cup kits will be continued?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Add Sao Paulo 2009-10 GK

I got to concentrate with other kits, so let just finish the set. I'm add and updated all the Sao Paulo last season kits, first the Sao Paulo away kits and the Goalkeeper sets, something I'm rarely done.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sao Paulo FC 2009-10 GK kits

I've see few top Brasillireo goalkeepers will have a personalized shirt, with his signature. Rogério Ceni among of them, Rogério scored 83 goals in his carreer and on his shirt sleeve printed with “o maior goleiro artilheiro do mundo” (“top scorer goalkeeper of the world”). For me that really proof Rogerio done well with his career.

The goalkeeper shirt almost same design as the player shirt with the Reebok Play Dry fabric: It accelerates the evaporation of moisture produced by the body by combining two processes: scattering and channeling.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Need in Ttf. formats

These PUMA PIXEL font have been progress for few month to updated. So is a good time for me to share to you all these popular font set......FREEE

But before that, I'm need a helped from anyone who are really good in change the vector format file to .tff formats version. Because I'm know with the .tff file much friendly user.
For who willing to helped me, please mailed me to get these PUMA PIXEL number set first. And the best worked will get the rest of the set.

I'm needed the best .tff file set for switchimageproject friends.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sao Paulo FC 2009-10 kits

Another same Reebok design from me, these time Sao Paulo Futebol clube team kits. The 2009-10 kits was official launched at an event in the Morumbi Concept Hall, with the presence of the press, members of the board, guests and Players of the professional team, the designs are innovative, with a new "DNA" showing more lines, inspired by the human anatomy, were unveiled to the public. Sao Paulo FC, Single-Hexa Champion and the first Brazilian team in the country to achieve, on a consecutive three titles in the Brazilian Championship.

The home and away kits look similar to last year’s kits: home shirt is white with two central horizontal stripes, red and black. Other features for these shirts, Shield of the club applied at the center of the shirt. Patch shell with CBF applied on the sleeve and Registration São Paulo Futebol Clube Brazilian champion of 2008 applied to the sleeve.

Next I'm continued with the away and Goalkeeper kits, and the big progress its the Cruzeiro and Sao Paulo new 2010 kits .

The away shirt is striped in red, black and white, with red sleeves feature turtleneck in particular construction and wearing with black short and stocking.

Free logo - Cruzeiro

Hope these Cruzeiro badge set something worth it I can share for free to you all. The Palestra Italia, team crest and sponsor from the 2009-10 kits all in a.i formats.

Here the link for you download

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cruzeiro 2009/2010 3rd kits

The highlight of my worked these week, 2009-10 season Cruzeiro third shirt is manufactured by the club’s shirt manufacturers – Reebok and features 2 shades of blue, light blue dominating the top half of the shirt and darker blue at the bottom half. The shirts looked same design as the both Home and away but with a new feature cutting pattern, that more basic and simple. What I see on these third kits there are new style of team badge
feature over it.

The club new third design includes the Palestra Italia badge embroidered over the right chest of the shirt. Cruzeiro were founded in 1921 as Palestra
Italia and since then they have managed to lift the Copa Libertadores and the Supercopa Sudamericana two times as well as being crowned champions of the Brazliian Serie A in 2003.

Reebok 2007-09 font set

Another Reebok font set, these time 2007-09 set were worn by team such SC Internacional, Sao Paulo and Vasco da Gama all from Brasillerio serie A team. That season all that teams kits manufacture by Reebok. Sure these will be good collection from me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cruzeiro Esporte Club 2009/2010 kits

Before i'm posted the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube new 2010/11 kits, let me give the visual for The Fox 2009/10 first. Maybe not my best worked so far,
these Reebok kits collection was presented at an event for invited guests and press in the Main Hall of the stadium where Cruzeiro play their games.

Cruzeiro home kit it’s plain blue shirt, with plain white shorts and socks, and the away shirt is a plain white shirt, with blue shorts and socks. Instead of the team’s badge, the shirts came only with the southern cross on shirt, shorts and socks, which was the choice of fans in poll conducted by the Official Site. This is the club badge: The crown in the center of the chest represent the “tríplice coroa” in the year 2003, when the team achieved to win all national competitions: the regional championship, the national championship and the national cup. The greatest novelty presented was the presence of the number on the front of the shirt. Cruzeiro main sponsor Bank Bonsucesso. The institution will have its logo on the chest and back shirt, which debut against Palmeiras at Palestra Italia. The Bank Bonsucesso deal untill the end of the 2009/2010 season.

The goalkeeper kits, The Fox have 3 version of kits. At the moment I'm draw the two version then I can proceed with the Special Cruzeiro goalkeeper in commemorates the 1956 kits.