Monday, April 19, 2010

Add & Updated Sao Paulo kits

Yesterday i'm finished with the Sao Paulo away kits with the clubs new sponsorship from the Hypermarcas until the end of the Paulista Championship2010, including the Copa Libertadores matches occurring in the period. The new sponsor logo on the shirt debut April 11, 2010 in the semi-final game against the Santos, in Morumbi stadium. Bozzano, a leading brand in health care and male, will be printed on the chest and back of the team jersey. Bozzano brand is already present in the male market health and beauty for over 60 years as a national leader in the segment of products for the shaving gels and fixatives. With the partnership, Zero Cal debut as a sponsor of a football team, recognized brand in sweeteners, will be printed on the sleeves. Zero Cal who is the absolute leader in sweeteners, won the Folha Top of Mind for the sixth straight year, since the category was sweetening included in the survey in 2004.

Also on the updated progress, the Sao Paulo home Goalkeeper kits with Ceni signature.

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Lucas Silva said...

Congratulations, the kits are perfect! The São Paulo, which I support here in Brazil, is one of the most winning teams here.

Thank you for replying my email Azmie, congratulations for the kits!