Saturday, March 28, 2009

FC Barcelona 2008-09 completed player/numbers font

My completed FC Barcelona 2008/09 shirts lettering with the helped from my friend Rich Price. Rich share to me with his few collection and I make some adjusment on it. You will see more football team kits font in my future article.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bursaspor 2008/09 Kappa kits

Recently, I got helped from my friends Ercan Güney from Turkey, also kit designer for PES forum. I know him with the amazing and master works on PES kits design. Using my version templated Ercan first kits Turkish Superlig club Bursaspor is a team based in Bursa, Turkey. Bursaspor was founded in 1963 and they played their home match at the multi-use
stadium Bursa Atatürk stadium in Bursa, which has a capacity of 19,700. Bursaspor notable accomplishment was a Turkish Football Cup win in 1986 and runners-up 3 times 1971, 1974, 1992. Turkish football coach and former player, Ertuğrul Sağlam is currently manager for Bursaspor club.

Busaspor plays in all green typical clubhome kits. Kappa has its text logo placed just under the collar on the top right side of the shirt. Just opposite of the Kappa logo is the club Bursaspor crest. Big Kappa logo on both sleeves, Bursaspor shirt sponsor Turkcell has its logo placed just beneath in the center of the shirt.

Bursaspor away, third and fourth kits the design same as home kits. Visited futbolunrenkleri for more Bursaspor kits and Ercan other design.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 3 best kits results

Here the week 3 Puma kits template results.

1. Joe & Jane White-Manchester City 103
2. Brian Castro-Boca Juniors 96 (27%)
3. keith jolley-Liverpool 84 (24%)
4. Thiago Quintão-mix 15 (4%)
4. P.Aby-Valencia kits 15 (4%)
4. Angelo Trofa-Boca Juniors and Napoli 15 (4%)
7. Alejandro Costa Aroztegui-Penarol 14 (4%)
8. Andres Miranda-Liga Deportiva 7 (2%)

Week 4 Puma kit templates vote started

1. Juan Pablo Villablanca Toro
design a Italy Home Fantasy kits for conmemorate the 115 years of the FIGC (Italian FA).The kit it´s made by the away template and recovered an old italian badge who belongs to the Saboya`s Family, last royal family who rules Italy.The kits are light blue shirt and maroon
shorts and socks,and it´s inspired of a "gossip" who tells that Italy would wear a conmemorative kit for the 2009 Fifa´s Confederations Cup.

2. Adelson Schmidt-S.C.Internacional

3. Guilherme Hummelgen-Sevilla

Week 4 Puma kit templates vote

4. Thiago Quintão-mix

5. Manuel Alejandro Guerrero López-West Ham

6. Scott Bloomer-Derby County

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World Cup 86 historic moments "Hand of God"

Yesterday I spend few hours to watch World Cup 86, Mexico match between Argentina v England, played on 22 June 1986. What i see these two team match is remembered as one of the most epic in FIFA World Cup history. Lot's of accident, drama and of course' the trademark by Diego Maradona, the game he claimed the goal was scored "A bit with the head of Maradona and another bit with the hand of God"; it was known as the "The Hand of God" goal. Diego Maradona also make historic in these match with two most famous goals in football history. His first, after fifty one minutes, was the Hand of God goal in which Maradona scored illegally, as he punched the ball into the goal past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton. The referee Ali bin Naseer from Tunisia did not see the foul and the goal was given as valid. Maradona second, saw him
dribble past six England players and was voted in 2002 as the Goal of the Century.
If you have any facts got to share with these match, add the comment.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Add and updated kits- England World Cup 86 kits

After been out for few days, I'm back with these England classic Umbro kits during World Cup 86 Mexico. The reason i re-doit these kits because I've been invite to provide my kits design for an artist group called Knifeandfork that is currently the artists-in-residence at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles ( and Knifeandfork creating a performance of the 1986 World Cup play Hand of God in Argentina vs. England with live actors at the Museum. The event will occur on 2nd April 2009.

To get more on these Home and away kits, please visited here and rest the third kits. Tomorrow there will be Argentina kits.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 2 best kits results

Today I posted the completed PUMA players/number fonts. Credit to my friends Paquito from Mexico for their source. Now you can download the completed number.
OK here the results, no comment from me.

1. Francisco Davi-Man.United Camisa 84 (36%)
2. Stephen Macvean-Tottenham Hotspurs 59 (25%)
3. Ricardo Ferreira-Italy Away 29 (12%)
4. Omar Andres-German national 19 (8%)
5. Manuel Alejandro-Chivas 15 (6%)
6. Simon Sydney Shaw-Manchester United 9 (3%)
7. Azfar Khushairy-Penang Fa 7 (3%)
8. Gema Adha-Arema Malang 6 (2%)
9. Danny Maiorca-Preston 3 (1%)
10. Jason Gale-Leyton Orient 1 (0%)

Week 3 Puma kit templates vote

What can I say, Week 3 I received more amazing works. Few my friends also show their works on here. Thanx Angelo, Alejandro, Andrias, Brian.
My comments why I used Illustrator, file not to big and easy. I found some kits been posted to me with the size more then 4ookb with PNG file. Just imagine size looks liked my kits master templated with a.i.

1. P.Aby-Valencia kits

2. Alejandro Costa Aroztegui-Penarol (Uruguay)

3. Joe & Jane White (Manchester City)The home & away shirts have the sponsor Etihad Airways - strongly rumored to be next seasons shirt sponsor. The white third kit has Manchester based cancer charity Christie's as a sponsor - On the Manchester City forum Bluemoon there have been suggestions of a charity appearing on the shirt in future, the idea for a third/charity shirt is that the profits from the sale of the kit would go direct to the charity - which could change every year. The idea has been put forward to the club by members of the supporters forum.

4. Andres Miranda-Liga Deportiva Alajuelense from Costa Rica

Week 3 Puma kit templates vote

5. Brian Castro-Boca Juniors fantasy kits

6. Angelo Trofa-Boca Juniors and NapoliPlease find attached my designs for your Puma template vote. He decided to undertake the task as an homage to Diego Maradona because he was sponsored by Puma throughout his career. He chose to design the two most famous kits he played in, Boca and Napoli, neither of which were sponsored by Puma. So i re-designed the kits as they were, however bringing them up to modern times, therefore you see the new Mars logo on the Napoli shirt etc. Because neither of he kits were sponsored my Puma, He also re-designed the Puma logo on the shirt to look like the ones on the original shirts, therefore the Ennerre logo is given a Puma make-over, this is also goes for the Adidas logo which was on the Boca shirt, using the trefoil idea i reworked it creating a similar logo for Puma. Overall the designs combine to create what would be special anniversary releases for Maradona and the two teams he played

8. keith jolley-Liverpool

Week 3 Puma kit templates vote

9. Thiago Quintão-mix design kits, for more There are more kits from Thiago will be posted on next weeks. Thiago sorry, because you file to big from me.