Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World Cup 86 historic moments "Hand of God"

Yesterday I spend few hours to watch World Cup 86, Mexico match between Argentina v England, played on 22 June 1986. What i see these two team match is remembered as one of the most epic in FIFA World Cup history. Lot's of accident, drama and of course' the trademark by Diego Maradona, the game he claimed the goal was scored "A bit with the head of Maradona and another bit with the hand of God"; it was known as the "The Hand of God" goal. Diego Maradona also make historic in these match with two most famous goals in football history. His first, after fifty one minutes, was the Hand of God goal in which Maradona scored illegally, as he punched the ball into the goal past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton. The referee Ali bin Naseer from Tunisia did not see the foul and the goal was given as valid. Maradona second, saw him
dribble past six England players and was voted in 2002 as the Goal of the Century.
If you have any facts got to share with these match, add the comment.


Anonymous said...

Please note that in that match an unique one. As is was so hot in Mexico, after beating uruguay with the away cotton jersey, the coach Bilardo decided to get lighter jerseys. So he sent to members of the crew to buy a complete blue kit. They got 22 polyester LeCoq jerseys, with a jaquard in 2 tones of blue. Bilardo didn't like them, but then Maradona arrived, he loved them, so the coach changed his mind, that night the crests were stiched, and the rest is history. They were used only on that match. one of the most important matches in football history.

beelzebubby said...

I was just wondering what font was used on the 86 Argentina Jersey

Anonymous said...

Hi, the numbers of the Argentinian jersey in that game were a kind of silver, not white.

Anonymous said...

That's right, the numbers on the Argentinian shirts were made of a glittery iron-on material as typically seen on children's t-shirts during the 80s. The Le Coq Sportif logo on the front was stitched in a silver-grey colour.

Anonymous said...

After more careful research the above comments are correct. The image needs to be updated - look carefully in photos and you will see -
1 there is NO border on the numbers
2 the numbers are light silver
3 there is NO Le Coq logo on the numbers
4 the shirt has 2-toned blue vertical stripe fabric
5 the fabric has quite large breathing holes (like a fine net)

Sebastian said...

please send me the númbers of Argentina

Anonymous said...

can you send the england font numbers to thanks

Anonymous said...

And regarding to the comment saying that the shirts were purchased shortly before the match, also the numbering was odd, in a silvered font used by América team from Mexico, whose training camps were used by Argentinian team

Ethan James said...

Love these. Would love the Argentina font / vector - a couple more requests coming - hope you don't mind. Genius!