Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 3 Puma kit templates vote

5. Brian Castro-Boca Juniors fantasy kits

6. Angelo Trofa-Boca Juniors and NapoliPlease find attached my designs for your Puma template vote. He decided to undertake the task as an homage to Diego Maradona because he was sponsored by Puma throughout his career. He chose to design the two most famous kits he played in, Boca and Napoli, neither of which were sponsored by Puma. So i re-designed the kits as they were, however bringing them up to modern times, therefore you see the new Mars logo on the Napoli shirt etc. Because neither of he kits were sponsored my Puma, He also re-designed the Puma logo on the shirt to look like the ones on the original shirts, therefore the Ennerre logo is given a Puma make-over, this is also goes for the Adidas logo which was on the Boca shirt, using the trefoil idea i reworked it creating a similar logo for Puma. Overall the designs combine to create what would be special anniversary releases for Maradona and the two teams he played

8. keith jolley-Liverpool

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