Saturday, February 28, 2009

Harimau team kits

I've done the ilustrate kit for my friend Feisal at Aku-Altra sponsor kits to Harimau These Nike kits colours based on Malaysia national traditional black and yellow. Harimau currently one of the top Malaysia football supporters comunity forum.
What the best here, these special design for shirts numbers by Feisal itself, wondering the player numbering title with aku_altra font.

tomorrow will be VFb Stuttgart kits

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Design your favourite team with my Puma template kits.

Here the oportunity for all my friends who love or trying to design a kits. All you have to do just e-mail me and I provide with the Puma kits master template. The good news, the templated in a.i formats.

What I need :

  1. Just mail me at to get the completed 3 basic Puma templated kits (sample as photo) in a.i formats.
  2. You can draw with Ilustrator, photoshops or other media but make sure, the completed design kits must post to me in PNG. Size not to big, much better same size as my kits I published in these blog.
  3. You will allow to uses my Puma templated kits only. The kits can be with home/away or home, away and third.
  4. The period 2 month.
  5. And please give me detailed about the team kits you design.

What you get:

  1. Each kit's you post will be published in these blog, and be share and vote by me and all friends here.
  2. You get these Puma templated kits free.
  3. And the best kits, will take home with the Adidas and Puma 2009/10 master template kits. The other prices .....maybe If I have some sponsor.

Next kits VfB Stuttgart (Germany), Spurs (England), Olympiacos and Standard Liedge.

Puma kits competition partner:, Minhas Camisas, Erojkit and Aku-Altra

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Genoa C.F.C 2008/09 Asics kits

Here the answer for yesterday asics mock-up template shirts. Italian club, Genoa Cricket and Football Club, or known as simply Genoa CFC. Genoa, is a professional football and cricket club based in the city of Genoa, Italy. Genoa club currently participates in the Serie A TIM. Genoa football has been share its home games Stadio Luigi Ferraris with local rivals Sampdoria, since 1911. The stadium's current capacity is 36,536.
Italian football born coach Gian Piero Gasperini is currently manager Genoa since 2006, and
led his side to a promotion to Serie A in his first season with the rossoblu.

Shirts for the Genoa are manufactured by sportswear company Asics, and sponsored by Eurobet. The colours used for the shirt are traditional for the Genoa club which earned the nickname Rossablu (RedBlue). The new Genoa home kit is vertically striped in red and blue on the main part of the shirt, while the sleeves are blue. The Genoa shirts will be accompanied by blue shorts and socks.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Puma King shirts templated

Here the updated and new templated Puma shirt's model King 2008 thats were worn by team such Sporting Lisbon, Bordeaux, Zenith and other top's club.

Here the mock-up shirts templated for my next post. The team with these kits from Italy and the shirt makers ASICS. Can you guest ?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Inter Milan updated kits

Finish today a request Inter kits master templated services for my friends Emre. Here the updated Inter Milan kits also for my special project colection. A bit little different from the kits I'm publish on these blog before, or you seached through the Inter home link or UEFA Champions league 2008-09 tag to see the changes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Completed Galatasaray S.K. 2008-09 kits

Galatasaray club based in Istanbul, also well known with nickname Cimbom. Galatasaray is the best big three club's in Turkish football, having won more trophies than any other Turkish club. Ali Sami Yen Stadı is the home of the football club Galatasaray in Istanbul, Turkey. It is named after the founder of the club, Ali Sami Yen. The stadium has a capacity of 25,785. German born football manger Michael Skibbe currently the head coach of Galatasaray. For Istanbul derbies, the fierce clash of Turkey's two most successful teams, Fenerbahçe Galatasaray for some fans, winning the derby is more important than winning the league.

Home Galatasaray shirt maroon on the left side and yellow gold on the right side, similiar colour with the third shirts. Galatasaray shirt sleeves are the reverse to this - gold sleeve on the left side and maroon sleeve on the right side. The traditional Adidas 3 stripes are on the shoulders and sleeves and are maroon on the right side and yellow on the left. With the V-shaped collar and features the shirts colours with a Adidas logo below. Galatasaray badge is on the left side of the chest with a Turkish emblen on the right side of the chest. Avea, Galatasaray sponsors logo are located in the middle of the shirt and on both sleeves.

The Galatasaray away shirt is white in colour and has a traditional collar. It features a printed Galatasaray winning season in Turkish league on maroon and gold stripe down the right side of the shirt with the Adidas stripes across the shoulders in maroon.

To view completed detailed third and fourth Galatasaray jerseys here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Galatasaray futbol 2008-09 kits

Turkish Super League team Galatasaray Sport Kulubu or Galatasaray S.K last season 2007-08 league champions. In the UEFA Champions League 2008–09 group stage Galatasaray was grouped with Metalist, Olympiacos, Hertha and Benfica in group B.
Today i publish two of the four Galatasaray 2008-09 kits. Galatasaray kits still manufactured by Adidas. The Galatasaray fourth shirt is bright orange in colour.
Galatasaray shirt have a marron collar and Adidas three stripes, Adidas logo, centred just below the collar . Galatasaray shirt sponsors, AVEA, have their logo placed in the centre in marron. The text 'Galatasaray' is printed on the back bellow the collar club shirts. Galatasaray jersey is complemented by bright orange shorts with Adidas three marron side piping. The Galatasaray home socks is completed with the words "GS" and the adidas logo.

Galatasay 3rd shirt for the 2008/09 season follows a similar design to the home shirt but also looks very much different. Galatasaray shirt same template design as bright yellow kits has 3 vertical stripes the central one being maroon with the two outer ones being yellow. The sleeves are maroon in colour with yellow Adidas stripes. The Adidas is yellow in colour with the other features remaining the same as the home shirt.
Visited here for home and away Galatasaray kits.

Spot the difference - Manchester City shirt

Just a coincidence, I've spot the different between Manchester City away match and replica shirts. Above the foto as reference and shirts below with Robinho name, the illustrated for match version. While the shirts with Wayne Bridges name, follow as the shirts MCFC clubs store version.

Hope you can agree with me. I found that white piping on the match shirts same length as the third shirts piping, but the replica kits their white pipings shorten. Hope you all can give some comment about these shirts.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Germany home International friendly football jerseys

It's not my planned to post these Germany football shirts. But I encountered few technical errow on the Galatassaray design, and after watch the Germany team against Norway match on the TV news, why not. Germany International friendly football jerseys with the round adidas logo on both sleeves. The Germany home dress has always been a white jersey and black shorts. The current Germany football jerseys design was unveiled on the 10 September 2007, to mixed responses from German fans. Germany football shirts have a black collar. The Adidas three stripes will be black, and so will the Adidas logo, centred just below the collar. The Germany football shirts is complemented by black shorts with Adidas three white side piping. The Germany team home socks is completed with the words "DFB" and the adidas logo. Visited here to view the Germany Euro 2008 team home kits.
At the moment, for tomorrow maybe my post Manchester City le Coq sportif kits.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kits templated

These 2 days I spent my times with updated these five team shirts master template for my friend Hermann ( not free request, he paid for these a.i formats templated....ha,ha,ha). Hope I have made improve for all kits post here then before.

After finish tese all kits Galatasarray fan get ready, your team kits next.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ajax football shirt 2008-09 season (Away)

New Ajax away kit for 08/09 season which is made by Adidas with two-toned blue shirt. The Ajax shirt collar is dark blue and there is also dark blue running from the collar to down the sides of the shirt. Ajax Amsterdam white embroiderd badge with two stars is on the left of the shirt and the makers, Adidas, have there logo in the top centre of the shirt and have their three stripes down both sleeves in white. Ajax new sponsor, Aegon, have their name written horizontally across the shirt in white. The Ajax shirt will be worn with blue shorts and blue socks.

For view Ajax home kits

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ajax football shirt 2008-09 season (Home)

Ajax Amsterdam football the Dutch clubs from Amsterdam. Ajax Amsterdam currently participates in the Eridivisie League. This season AEGON, a group of life insurance and pension companies will become new logo sponsor on the front of the Ajax shirt. The insurance group will pay 12 million Euro a-year to Ajax over seven years.
In the UEFA Cup 2008–09 group stage Ajax Amsterdam was grouped with Hamburg, Aston Villa, Zlina and Slavia Praha in group F.

Ajax home shirt is colours of white with a red band running down the front. Ajax have reached an agreement with Adidas to extend their present manufacturing deal beyond its current expiry date, that of the 1st July until the 1st July 2019. This contract earns Ajax €70 million over 10 years, an average of 7 million euros yearly. Ajax badge is on the left of the shirt, A white badge is used on which the Ajax logo is embroidered, so that it creates a retro style. The makers, Adidas, have their logo in the top centre of the shirt. With AEGON as the new head sponsor, have their name and logo written horizontally the middle of the ajax shirt shown for the first time in 18 years.. The Ajax shirt will be worn with white shorts.

Next the Ajax away kits.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Palmeiras 2009/10 Adidas away shirts in white

Here camisetas Palmeiras away strip manufactured by Adidas, after got a sources and comment from the Brazilian friends such Guilheme, Rodrigo SP, Joqo Vega, Renato, Verdao, portes and name not included here ( thanx to you all). Palmeiras away shirts same design as home, have a green collar and the green piping extending from the collar, around the chest, and down the sides. The Adidas three stripes will be green, and so will the Adidas logo, centred just below the collar. Palmeiras shirt sponsors, Samsung, have their logo placed in the centre in dark green. The text 'S.E. Palmeiras' is printed on the back bellow the collar Palmeiras shirts. The shirt is complemented by green shorts with Adidas three white side piping. The Palmeiras away socks is completed with the words "SEP" (Sociedade Esportivo Palmeiras) and the adidas logo.
Visited here for completed Palmeiras Home and away kits. Next Ajax Amterdam kits.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Botafogo Copa Sudamericana 2008 team kits

One of the biggest four clubs in Brazil and one of the four major football clubs in Rio de Janeiro Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas or Botafogo FR. Botafogo means (he who) sets fire and is also the name of the neighbourhood where the club has its origins (Botafogo Beach). It is nicknamed "Fogo", "Bota" (breakdowns of the club's name), "Fogão" (augmentative of "Fogo", largely used), "Alvinegro" (White-black), "O clube da Estrela Solitária" (The Lone Star club, reference to the club's major symbol), and "O Glorioso" (The Glorious, nickname given after 1910's campaign). Botafogo currently home ground is Engenhão or Estádio Olímpico João Havelange (João Havelange Olympic Stadium) , the stadium was build to Rio 2007 and ceded to Botafogo. a multi-use stadium located in the Engenho de Dentro neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is used mostly for football matches and athletics.

Kappa Botafogo primary uniform consists of a black jersey with vertical white stripes, black shorts and grey socks. Camisetas Botafogo secondary uniform is all white. An all black uniform also be used for the third kits. Botafogo kit sponsor Kappa has its logo placed just under the collar on the top right side of the shirt and on both sides of the sleeves. Just opposite of the Kappa logo is the club symbol is the lone star, represented on its badge. Botafogo sponsor Liquigas has its logo placed just beneath in the center of the shirt. The Botafogo shirts is complemented by white and black as changes shorts with Kappa logo on both sides. The Botafogo socks is completed with the club badge and thesmall Kappa logo.

I'm also found there are words or logo on the back of the collar, Botafogo home shirts. Any idea or detailed sources comment here.

Kits from Odiney

Here another great kits from Brazil new sites. I have his mail more than 4 ago, and sorry Odiney Augusto, now hope you happy now. Really detailed and alternative for football fan kits. At the moment just Vasco da gama new kits from Odiney. Please visited

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hungary football team kits

Hungary national football team and controlled by Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) (Hungarian: Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség) is the governing body of football in Hungary. Currently in 47 on FIFA ranking, Hungarian football is best known for one of the most formidable and influential sides in football history, which revolutionized the play of the game. Centered around the dynamic and potent quartet of strikers Ferenc Puskás, Sándor Kocsis, attacking half-back József Bozsik in 50's. Hungarian national home match ground, Stadium Puskás Ferenc or Puskás Ferenc Stadion is a multi-use stadium in Budapest, Hungary. The all-seater stadium holds 68,976. The original capacity was 104,000. The stadium is named after
Ferenc Puskás, widely regarded as the best striker in the world in his time and Hungarian
greatest footballer ever, who was a star of the national team during its glory years of the late 1940s and early 1950s. Erwin Koeman is a dutch fotball manager and former player, starting on May 1, 2008, Koeman became the coach of the Hungary national team. In the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification Hungarian was grouped with Denmark, Portugal, Albania, Sweden and Malta in Group 1.

The Adidas home shirt is a Hungary football traditional colour of red, white and green. The collar is red and there is white piping around the ends of the sleeves. The Hungarian crest (national coat-of-arms) is on the left of the shirt and the makers, Adidas, have their logo in the top centre of the shirt and also have their three stripes running down each arm in white. The The Hungarian shirt will be worn with white short and green socks. Hungarian away same as the home kits but totally white.

Thanx for the sources : Nemeth Miklos (Hungary), Getty images

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rockers FC the Primal League the virtual football league kits

Looks like 4 days I've been missing. Now I'm back with the first ever fantasy team kits project for my Brazilian friends Nicholas da Silva. It's called PRIMAL LEAGUE and it's the first virtual football league featuring their Cavedudez player ( Nico really creative on his works. Nico PRIMAL LEAGUE started on August 16, 2009, the first season begins. The players will be made up of real people like you and me. The first league will feature 20 clubs with 30 players per club. After that is filled, the next signups go to level 2 of the PRIMAL LEAGUE.
The season will featured 38 games. For more detailed about the game, If you get a chance, go to the Rockers FC site ( and sign up. You will see an avatar engine to make your character. On February 17, 2009, for anyone who like to join the league, the team will start accepting registration at

Above I Created 3 Rockers FC team kits based on the Nico idea. The home kits with the adidas templated. The away and third I've done with the Nike templated. The white based on MU home and third Barca away kits. Also included with the Primal League players numbers and names official lettering.

Rest of these three kits are the the alternative concept kits for Rockers FC. Maybe you all can give me a comment on these.