Monday, February 2, 2009

Rockers FC the Primal League the virtual football league kits

Looks like 4 days I've been missing. Now I'm back with the first ever fantasy team kits project for my Brazilian friends Nicholas da Silva. It's called PRIMAL LEAGUE and it's the first virtual football league featuring their Cavedudez player ( Nico really creative on his works. Nico PRIMAL LEAGUE started on August 16, 2009, the first season begins. The players will be made up of real people like you and me. The first league will feature 20 clubs with 30 players per club. After that is filled, the next signups go to level 2 of the PRIMAL LEAGUE.
The season will featured 38 games. For more detailed about the game, If you get a chance, go to the Rockers FC site ( and sign up. You will see an avatar engine to make your character. On February 17, 2009, for anyone who like to join the league, the team will start accepting registration at

Above I Created 3 Rockers FC team kits based on the Nico idea. The home kits with the adidas templated. The away and third I've done with the Nike templated. The white based on MU home and third Barca away kits. Also included with the Primal League players numbers and names official lettering.

Rest of these three kits are the the alternative concept kits for Rockers FC. Maybe you all can give me a comment on these.


Eleté said...

I love the home kit, great work. Id like to know more about this Primal League project, what is it about?

Maybe you can do some of my designs next!

Azmie aka switch image said...

I'm have visited you site few times before, also see your works.
I'm keep in touch with you.