Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Week 1 Puma kit templates vote-the first

Start from today every Wednesday, I will published all the Puma kits design templates works to be vote as the best two each weeks. Kits with the many votes every weeks will competed in the finals next month. i'm also will pick another one kits each weeks that looks really good for the special stage.
The competition dateline April 24, 2009, and you still have time to post and make it works as you can.
Ok, Here the 7 team kits for you vote, and from here we can get few tips.

1. First kits by Brian Castro, the Colombia national team kits.

The home kit is based in traditional red-black shirt, with CRF badge most commonly used in home shirt, also make a watermark with the vulture, the team mascot.The shorts are white with details in red and socks are red striped black like the shirt.

The away kit, I make based in former model of away shirt, with two stripes in white shirt, in the colors of the club and the official team badge, the red-black, also make the watermark.In the shorts, I make black and socks are white with red details.

The third kit, I make a gradient in the shirt with the former colours of the Flamengo, blue and yellow, the badge is the first badge of the club history and nowdays is the badge of the rowing. The shorts and socks are blue with yellow details.
2. Here the Flamengo fantasy kits by Julian Mascarenhas from Brazil, looks like he design with photoshops.

3. Manchester City fantasy kits by Calum McKenna. Hope these will be the next season Manchester City looks under new owner.

4. Lastly the VFB Stuttgart kits by Hermann from germany, I've post one of the kits before, and Herman would be my apprentice...Hopely.


cernuto said...

If all football shirt, wants above think. The multi-no creative football shirt. . Is the most realistic portrayal of football shirts.

faisal alfaisal said...

cool thanks

faisal alfaisal said...

cool thanks