Friday, September 6, 2013

Boca Juniors 1984 alternative shirts

Sometimes accident happen, On July 8, 1984, against Atalanta the Fourth Division club, a conflict began by the request of Atalanta team for similarity of colors in their clothing and TVs, asked for Boca Juniors changed his uniform not to be confused with the opponent who played all dark blue. The bad news Boca did not have any reserve shirts and the solution have to use a training jersey (white with blue and yellow 3 strips), which obviously did not have figures on the back. Without hesitate in a hurry, Boca crew hand paint the numbers on the back of the shirts, but over the course of the match, and the players sweat,
the numbers began to blur."Great Idea" on a piece of cloth with a giant stain on the back.

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el Chipi Fernandez said...

the name of the other team is Atlanta