Saturday, September 7, 2013

Boca Juniors 1984 team shirts

There was a time in Boca Juniors history, That year everything that could go wrong for the Argentine club does not come out well, it came out worse. For starters, Boca had to play many home games outside La Bombonera and was near to a financial collapse, almost going bankrupt. Due to the economic situation by passing the entity at the top of debts. The same year the team suffered their biggest defeat at the hands of FC Barcelona, losing 1–9 in a Joan Gamper Trophy match.
I'm not sure which year, and till what year these kits was worn. These home shirts I'm guess Boca worn on the tetimonial or outside the league. Any info comments here.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The away white shirt is indeed a training white shirt! 100% cotton!!
In 1984, Boca played Vs Atlanta at home. Atlanta kit was blue and yellow vertical stripes, with blue shorts and yellow socks (from adidas, too).
As referee's request, Boca should change its kit. But there was no away kit!
So, a pack of training t-shirts was used instead. Of course, the t-shirts had no numbers, so they were made with black ink water markers.
During the match, sweat from players made numbers melt, creating ink stains!
This embarrasing story ended in 2nd time. Boca had to use the home kit anyway, but Atlanta won the match.
Please check this, it's for real!