Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boca Juniors_2007-09 font

There are probably many supporters of Boca Juniors here, another series of classic after I get new spirit in the time almost in despair even I almost decided to close the direct this www, switchimageproject. Fortunately I have time to get the views of closest friends.
Complete Subbuteo decal for Boca Juniors Cup final tournament Copa Libertadores 2007. The 48th edition, was the sixth championship for Boca Juniors. But this decals set not interesting article that I want to share. Free again, another collection of full number of season team Boca Juniors until 2007 to early summer 2009, if I am mistaken please comment here with knowledge. Font set that I gave this only in black and white, presumably why I favor recent all for free. Probably good I can be rewarded with the contribution of the many donations.
Also get a package kit Boca Juniors and other collections by contacting me, but remember not so free.For several days I will provide illustrations Boca Juniors jerseys this season and the 2007 Libertadores Cup final.


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Anonymous said...

Please send me for email font .TTF

Alexannde S.


Anonymous said...

Can you please send it as TTF to my

Anonymous said...

Can you please e-mail me the ttf file for the font?

I.S Hwang said...

please send me the original font file.
I need so much this font
Can you send me this font please?

Many Thanks for your great job.