Sunday, February 21, 2010

African Cup of Nations 2010 patch.

Here the finishing vector logo from few friends who are willing to spare his time helped me. i'm also done few modification for these African Cup of Nations 2010, as accurate the were worn on player shirts. I'm got the reference from few photo during the tournament. The original for tournament the text 'African Cup of Nations' in English and the France text I'm make for bonus only.
Credit for the name here, and thanks to make these much easier for me.
1. Pedro Pereira (Portugal)
2. Andres Miranda Jimenez (Costa Rica) you should waited my collaboration worked with him in few days here.
3. Luismi Arias, from Spain
4. Reginaldo M. Dutra
5. Emmanuel Morales Méndez

6. Jonathas Sandes de Carvalho
7. Albert Cullen
8. Manuel Laíne
9. Pedro Pereira
10. Luis Miguel Arias Perez

African Cup of Nations 2010 patch

African Nations Cup 2010 logo

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