Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flamengo 2009-2010 completed kits

The Brazilian Série A 2009 edition was won by Flamengo (6th title). After finishing the 1st phase of the Brazilian League in un-consistent 10th place, Flamengo won the Brazilian Série A with a terrific campaign in the 2nd phase, the championship finally was decided in the very last game with a 2-1 win against Grêmio at Maracanã Stadium, after 17 years of Flamengo's waiting. Big prize for Flamengo under head coach Andrade.

After three months with the sponsor logo Olympikus Tube on the shirt, Flamengo closed a partnership with Ale, a network of gas stations.This company's fuel Ale, also sponsored Vasco and Botafogo. The agreement, reached by the end of the year will yield $ 3.5 million to the club in total. There are ongoing negotiations for the renewal of commitment 2010.

The new 2009-10 Brasilerio league champions also worn three Olympikus goalkeeper kits. The goalkeeper shirts in colors of yellow, black and blue, with the details of the signing Flamengo goalkeeper, Bruno. Olympikus also developed for the Flemish a complete line of casual wear inspired by traditions of the club and the fans, as the words race, love and passion

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Azmie. Yours Flamengo's kit was great! But it's old. Flamengo has a new one for the 2010 season. The OLYMPICUS keep doing the kit, but the sponsor changed. Finally, the t-shirt's number of Adriano, the Emperor, is 10. Best Regards!