Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flamengo 2010/2011 kits

It's surprising me, a few days ago, the flu return, all because I catch the rain when returning from market.

2009 Brasileirao champions Flamengo new Olympikus (since they took over from Nike in 2009) kits carry a much more classical style than last year. The shirts of Flamengo are sponsored by Batavo as the main sponsor (the size of that ‘Batavo’ logo, I think to big), and Banco BMG as the secondary sponsor. The neck, type V with a black base on which the logo will Olympikus, has by his side in red peaks that form the highlight of the design. The logos on the chest are a improvement: Flamengo shield rather large on the left chest, while his upstage Olympikus logo front and center highlights the status of current champion. Feauture the CBF badge (the Brazilian champion wears it) and under the badge it’s written ‘Hexacampeão Brasileiro’ (Six-time Brazilian Champion).

The home socks will also be horizontally striped in red and black, but the home shorts will be white with red sides.

The other Flamengo collection kits from me will be the away and goalkeeper shirts that I will posted tomorrow with few other detailed sketch as a reference. So Flamengo and Brazilian team fan, please keep note. Also be here soon Cruzeiro 2009/10 and 2010/11 Reebok

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J. Sandes said...

Beautiful Azmie....congratulations