Monday, March 29, 2010

Flamengo 2009-2010 Away kits

The new Flamengo away kits to be used in the 2010 defence of the Brazilian title will be mainly white and repeated the same style, adding to the distinctive white base in alternate red and black. The neck and the side peaks are maintain, now divided between red and black on each side, while a
short horizontal band to the shirt at chest height, also divided into two parts, like the living at the bottom of the sleeves.

On the chest, there will be a horizontal stripe, divided in two with the centralised club crest. The right side of this stripe is red, while the left side is black. It varies with the logos: the shield will go in another variation, always a detail interesting alternatives, and will focus; so, the logo and the distinctive Olympikus champion are above, left and right respectively. Now they have the CBF badge (the Brazilian champion wears it) and under the badge it’s written ‘Hexacampeão Brasileiro’ (Six-time Brazilian Champion). Black shorts with red sides, and white socks with a black and red stripe at the top, complement this away shirt.

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