Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fantasy Kits: Morocco national kits

Recently I've got the requested to worked on the vector template base on 3d kits by other people design. The original Morocco fantasy kits from the design 1 but I'm created another design as option because I'm thought the Star too crowded on that shirts.

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Visual Sport Design said...

you are so funny cheating man, who took my design created in 2012 and published on DESIGN FOOTBALL pages and now present it "as your genius idea":))

Do you feel the shame or barely complex of non creativity what force you steal another persons work as the worthless rubbish?

Do you have a shame at least?

are you just insane?

or just dishonest rubbish?

Regards and visit VISUAL pages, there is so much another creations waiting untalented people to robbery by...