Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kelab Jersi Kita project

Currently I've spent more time on the Kelab Jersi Kita project that I'm started a couple months back with friends. Kelab Jersi Kita (Club of Our Jersey) is a home of classic, rare, retro and vintage shirts and memorabilia from Malaysian football league and national team’s history. The Club was established to encourage the public to value the importance of knowing your roots because ‘a community that respects its history respects itself’.

Malaysia had many top players since the creation of the Federation of Malaya until the country became known as Malaysia, such as the legendary Mokhtar ‘SuperMokh’ Dahari, Hassan ‘Cucuk’ Sani and ‘King’ James Wong, which led Malaysia into their golden age during the 1970s until the 1980s.In the FIFA World Rankings, Malaysia’s highest standing was in the first release of the figures, in August 1993, at 75th. Malaysia’s main rivals on the international stage are their geographical neighbors, Indonesia and Singapore, and past matches between these two teams have produced much drama. Malaysia is one of the most successful teams in Southeast Asia along with Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, winning the ASEAN Football Championship 2010 and other small competitions while improving at the same time.

Kelab Jersi Kita consists of individuals who share a strong interest in classic jerseys, football magazines, and related memorabilia of Malaysian football. Members need only share a common interest in Malaysian football history. Our vision is to unite all Malaysian football collectors and help each other out to create a ‘Malaysian Football Museum’.

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