Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Needed your helped

To all my members and friend here, needed your helped to draw few logo for me to completed few kits for these blog. Looking at my work has piled, perhaps this is the time to share ideas and work.

At the moment I would like to invite anyone who is willing to help me draw the Real Madrid text as the image below on vector. Media please with the a.i or eps. formats (make sure a.i version CS3 and below).
For the credit on your draw, I'm will provided the blank Adidas template and gk for each of you who sharing the vector Real Madrid text through the mailed.
My next posted, the Real Madrid and few UEFA Champions League 2010/11 team kits.

Please send your vector logo through these mailed


Nicolás Meli said...

Hopefully I'm using the translator to understand something of what I say.
Great job on the page, very good everything.
I'd like to add my page is links.


I follow his work and taste great so I'm contributing, I have sent the
text that did! Hope you enjoy! Congratulations

Sorry if the translation be a little confusing, blame Google Translator

helping.out said...

The font used in Real Madrid is Namesake NF by Nick Curtis which you can download for free at

You can convert the font to outline in Illustrator and add effects to get the approximation of what's in the image

Hope this helps!

Alberto said...
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