Friday, September 3, 2010

My Progress

Here the kits I'm progress for these blog, it's not included the other project I've worked on.

UEFA Champions League 2010-11
1. AC Milan (Finish)
2. Real Madrid
3. Werder Bremen
4. Barcelona
5. SC Braga

World Cup 2010
1. Chile
2. Italy (these weeks)
3. South Korea
4. Portugal
5. Brazil
6. Switzerland

Retro National Team
1. Nigeria WC98 (Finish)
2. Italy WC2006 (Finish)
3. Italy EURO 2000 (Finish)
4. Italy WC2002 (Finish)
5. Switzerland EURO 2008

Font sets
1. AC Milan (Finish)
2. SPL
3. Real Madrid
4. Chile nat.
5. Werder Bremen
6. Juventus
8.South Korea WC2010 (Finish)


Anonymous said...

could you send me the font from werder bremen? thx
L-EB8383 @

egu said...

when you're done could you please send me the real madrid ones?

Saj0007 said...

hi, can you please send me the font or atleast the font name used for real madrid's 2010/11 kit? plz send it as soon as possible. i really need it. send to my e-mail plz. many thnx!!

manuel castro reyes said...

can you send me this font please. from chile

Anonymous said...

Hola, porfavor necesito urgente la fuerte del Barcelona 2010/2011

Para mandar a estampar mi camiceta, serĂ­a de muchisima ayuda. Gracias