Saturday, September 18, 2010 product

Switchimageproject are proud to present and announce that ALTRA new football sportswear label from Malaysia has officially open for business. Feisal CONGRATULATION you have successfully fulfilling a dream with this brand (just me who has not been achieved). Currently ALTRA products range such as jersey, sock and short and will continue add more collection in nearest time. I was interested in ALTRA jersey model Lagenda to remind the team jersey color combinations Selangor in 1986, when it was worn by Legend Super Mokhtar, Malaysian football icons.
We all can visited and shopping through online store at


Eleté said...

I like the name and logo of the brand, and the shirts look good quality.

My only complain is that the designs are copies of Nike. With so many talented designers, why not make original designs?

Good luck to your friend with this new project!

Azmie aka switch image said...

These ALTRA first range, from the source ALTRA will produces new original design.