Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Font Napoli 2016-17 Season Kits

SSC Napoli last season’s Italian Serie A runners-ups, have unveiled their 2016/17 kits with new supplier Kappa. The Napoli crewneck home kits in the traditional light blue of Gli Azzurri (The Blues) and the Kappa's iconic branding on the chest and both sleeve. The player name lettering and numbering on the back of the shirt are in white to match with the accompanying shorts. The new Napoli 2016-17 third shirt is based on the same template as the home jersey. It is black with gold detailing, a simple crew-neck collar and Kappa's iconic logo on the chest and both sleeves. Lete and Garofalo are featured on the chest of the Napoli third kit, while new sponsor Kimbo's logo is placed on the lower back.

I'm founded out from the club official shop, the Home players name set had slight different on the numbers 7 numeric and the grey outline was added.
New design font were apply for player name lettering and numbering on the back of the shirt. Base on the typo "Borg" (same design as the PAOK team from Greece for the 2015/16 season). Additional feature, Napoli crest placed on the bottom numbers and club 90's anni logo.

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