Monday, July 18, 2016

Adidas Final UEFA Super Cup 2010 Monaco Match ball

The official ball of the UEFA Super Cup 2010 was revealed 27 August 2010 in Monaco, the match between Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid at the Louis II stadium. Building on the success of last 2009 design (the first time adidas designed a new ball exclusively for the UEFA Super Cup) adidas have once again gone to some lengths to design a ball that captures the spirit of the 2010 match up.

The UEFA Super Cup 2010 design is inspired by the colors of the Super Cup logo and the two compete clubs, the ball features 3 sets of colours; Black and Blue for Inter Milan, the Red and Blue of Athletico Madrid and on the top of the ball; Navy and Sky Blue, the official colours of the UEFA Super Cup. Like other balls developed for UEFA competitions, this adidas ball features "Grip'n'Groove" technology. Aero grooves clearly visible on the ball surface, and Grip n Groove profile covers the entire ball. The target of the integrated grooves is to give matchless flight characteristics, to make this the most stable and accurate adidas ball ever. This texture also gives fantastic contact for the players to have full control over the ball in a different weather conditions.

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