Monday, May 9, 2016

Retro Font EPL 1996 thru 2007 season kits

As we all knew, Barclay Premier League have a new visual identity and logo which will be used from Season 2016/17 onwards. To rewind back, the font design evolution. with the helped from my friend Ethan here the inagural Premier League font was worn in 1996 and until 2007.  The Premier League has been through 3 designs over the course of the period 1996-2013. 

SportsID was the sleeve badge for the Premier League since 1993 and been the official licensee and supplier for players' names and numbers since 1996.  The English Premier League also has a standardized name and number set coming in 5 different of colors:
white/black, black/white, navy/white, gold/white and red/white.

The English Premier League was formed on 20 February 1992 after the top-flight football clubs decided to break away from the First Division Football League which was founded in 1888.


Tom said...

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federico galante said...

i'm looking for this font from many years! can you send me this font at
i've the arsenal "highbury" tshirt and i'd like to dedicate it to Henry.
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arturo garza said...

excelent work ! Would it be possible for you to send me this font (.ttf) ? i have this shirt and i want to put henry nameset on it.

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