Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Worked Today

I'm not always completed all my worked in a day or two, because sometimes I'm missing some references during the worked process.
Here I'm posted you the four worked I've done today. First France Euro 1996 font. Got the template base from a friend, but still needed to re-doit again all the numbers. Still not finished the no.2,3,4, 6 and 7. 

Second worked on my list the Dortmund 2016-17 home font. Maybe I'm will K.I.V these font untill I've got the correct letters references for the players name.
And the first worked for today, as the requested for friend. The Final Milano 2016 match details. If these design is true, still question ?

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ابو خالد said...

Can i get Dortmunt font 2016/17