Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Turkey EURO 2016 shirts Part 1

I'm posted the completed kits later, at the moment Turkey Euro 2016 shirts illustration. The Nike Turkey 2016 home and away shirts will be debuted in the friendly games against Sweden and Austria this month.
Turkey home shirt is traditionally a bold red colour representing the national flag with a distinctive geometric pattern immediately begins to break up the solid red with black which gradually increases in size towards the bottom of the shirt where it will meet the black Turkey home shorts. The geomatrical pattern and gradient design draws inspired by the heritage and grandeur of the complex mosaic patterns found in historical Turkish architecture

Based on the same template as the home kit, Turkey Euro 2016 away kit is white, with the all-over print shining in bright turquoise. A red stripes are visible on either side and the lower part of the sleeves. 


R3 said...

nice job, please send me the vector

Pablo Gomez said...

excelent job man, can you send me the vector to please