Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Font Atletico Mineiro 2016 team kits

Brasileiro Serie A club Atlético Mineiro recently signed a new sponsorship deal with Canadian sportswear firm DRYWORLD, for the 2016 Série A season. The new Dryworld Atletico Mineiro 2016 shirt features the traditional black and white stripes on the front, while the back of the Atletico-MG 2016 jersey is black with a large white space left free to surround the black shirt numbers. Based on the same template, the new Atletico Mineiro 2016 away kit is almost entirely white.

My thought the new club Atlético Mineiro  font style design almost similar as the other Italy Serie A team numbers design end of 90s. Letters typograhy similar as the Eurostile Light Condensed Bold for the match version and the Eurostile Bold that was apply on new signing Robinho shirts during the club kits launching.

The Brasileiro Serie A sponsor logo TIM also was apply on the numbers, I'm believe during the domestic league match. only.

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