Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kits Chile World Cup 1966

Seed in Group D, Chile lost two games with Italy and Soviet Union. Surprise, after Chile took the lead from a penalty in the 27th minute, the North Koreans
launched constant attacks and then, in the closing minutes, Pak Seung-Zin seized on a poor clearance and slotted home the equaliser.


joaquim said...

the black band below the chilean badge is a sign of mourning in respect of earthquake victims that devastated the country in 1960.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Miami and my best friend was the son of Hugo Villanueva, back row, 2nd white shirt on the right holding the ball. Good man, good family. They took me to Chile one summer, never forget it. Beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains, a zillion grapes. lol. Once the kids were old enough, Hugo headed back to farm in the mountains of Santiago. He was proud of his Team, I'll always remember the Team photo he had on the wall. God bless you Hugo, thank you.