Sunday, July 28, 2013

Font: Fiorentina 2013/14 team kits

For the second consecutive year Fiorentina or Viola to wear the Joma label on their 2013/14 season team kits. Purple the main colour, as usual with new main sponsor Mazda occupies the entire chest. There is no more Save The Children.


Anonymous said...

How can i get this font? .ttf or .cdr will be much better, is it possible? Please contact me

likzs said...

salam bro..

boleh saya nak share gambar2 ont bro dlm page saya?

Rino Wicaksono said...

Yeah man I need this font too, could you send me the file in .cdr if possible, I would be so grateful if you were to send me the file, I really admire your work, please contact me

Rino Wicaksono said...
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Federico Visconti said...

How can i get this font/file? please!

Cuda said...

Hello, great Blog!

Can you please send me these fonts as ttf or vector file?

big thanks!