Sunday, July 28, 2013

AS Roma new logo and font

Italian Serie A club AS Roma unveiled the new club crest which attempts to adapt the classical logo to a more modern design. The updated design maintains the shape and proportions of the original Roma crest, represented in art and sculpture throughout the city. The black line in the middle provides a stable base for La Lupa Capitolina and her twins. Additional features the writing Roma as well as the founding year of the club, 1927 in the typeface Trajan Pro have opted to replace the ‘ASR’ initials. The colors have been revamped, too. The illustration of The Capitoline Wolf and the twins Romulus and Remus have been simplified and modernised and come in a gray color.

Start of the 2013-14 season, AS Roma will wear the unbranded kit this season after dropping supplier Kappa after a legal dispute over alleged quality and distribution issues. As the Giallorossi have terminated their deal with Kappa early and their deal with Nike starts as from 2014/15 partnership 10-year agreement.


Law_17 said...

This break with kit manufacturer seems an unprecedented move in the modern era.

I have read in places that AS Roma have allegedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of their Kappa kits, but - as the owner of one of the home kits, which I believe to be one of the most beautiful and respectful to the past that the club have had for a very long time - I don't see it. The cut and design are perfect, in my opinion, and the quality of the fabric seems perfectly acceptable.

I can't help but wonder about any contract wranglings, potential legalities or just plain bad blood with the announcement that Roma, as the club of the capital, are going American with Nike in preference over one of Italy's own, especially given the long-standing relationship between Kappa and the club.

Do we know any more, or is there not as much to it as I may be reading into it?

For what it is worth, I am very disappointed by what seems to be an almost tennis-inspired effort for this year, upon which I will pass when it comes to the checkout. I'm rather glad I got the last Kappa home kit to wear instead.

Anjing Kucing said...

can u tell me what font are used for the names and numbers? thank you

Anjing Kucing said...

can u tell me what font are used for the names and numbers? please... thx

Daniel said...

Looks very similar to the one Man United wore for a few seasons, not long ago.

Cuda said...

Hello, great Blog!

Can you please send me these fonts as ttf or vector file?

big thanks!

sakera said...

Please can you send me this font?

Abdullah Alkhudary said... send please