Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brazil World Cup 74 away kits

The away kits for Brazil World Cup 74 kits, manufacture by Athleta. The team wore this away dark blue kits in the match against Neherlands at the Westfalenstadion, Dortmund, 3 July 1974 and lost 2-0 with Neesken (Netherlands) score both goals. Another match Brazil 2 Argentina 1 at the Niedersachsenstadion, Hanover,30 June 1974. Both shirt design it was a simple in style and regarded by me as the definitive Brazil classic colour.

Without any maker logo is placed on the shirt with the CBF crest additional 3 stars on the top left part of the chest. The shirts was worn with the white shorts, detail blue trim on the both side.

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