Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Venezuela Copa 2011 away kits

Actually these Venezuela away kits from the previous season design. As seen was worn once during the 2011 Copa America quarter-final football match held at the Estadio del Bicentenario stadium in San Juan, 1126 Km west of Buenos Aires, on July 17, 2011.

This 2010 design Adidas three stripes on the shoulders of burgundy. The side panels continue to use that tone, The living burgundy predominate more in the rear, where the sides down around the back. The shirt will also in the back, just below the neck, a detail alluding to 200 years of
independence, the eight stars of the flag are formed in an arc, and beneath the shield patriotic ribbons commemorating 200 years of independence. On the left side reads "1810" date on which Venezuela became independent in the middle "Venezuela" and the other side "2010". The Venezuelan away shirt was worn with the burgundy shorts and socks. For note these Adidas short also was the desing from the 2010/11 season kits.

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