Sunday, March 18, 2012

Venezuela 2011/12 kits

El Vinotino (the Red Wine) 2011/12 kits will act as the team’s primary kit for July’s Copa America 2011 tournament and its 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers through 2012. The
Venezuela 2011/12 home jersey will see action in competition for the first time on March 16th in San Juan when the Vinotinto meets Copa America 2011 hosts Argentina in San Juan in a friendly.

The Venezuelan home shirt is manufactured by Adidas. The shirt comes in their typical burgundy/vino colour featuring an asymettrical grey collar and grey detail on the left side of the shirt. The jersey collar with some detailing inside reading 'La Vinotinto somos todos' literally meaning "We are all Vinotinto' above the colours of the Venezuelan flag. Other features the back of the shirt sees more detailing in grey along with a touch of white piping, as well as this an FVF insignia can be seen print at the back of the collar.

The away outfit retained all the stylings of the home strip and simply replicated it in another colour, in venezuelan case a white and burgundy as the detailed. These new Adidas away jersey do not made any appearance on Copa America 2011 tournament.

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Messi10 said...

amazing work, can you make the argentine shirts ?