Friday, March 23, 2012

Venezuela 2010/11 kits

Recently I posted you the Vinotinto or the nickname for Venezuelan national away kits. To made it completed today I posted the home shirts. The 2010/11 shirt comes in their typical burgundy/vino colour with Adidas trademark three stripes on the shoulders of white. The side panels in gray predominate more in the rear, where the sides down around the back. Featuring on the back, just below the neck, a detail alluding to 200 years of independence, the eight stars of the flag are formed in an arc, and beneath the shield patriotic ribbons commemorating 200 years of independence. On the left side reads "1810" date on which Venezuela became independent in the middle "Venezuela" and the other side "2010". Another additional detailed Adidas Teamgeist logo was placed on the both sleeve as seen during the friendly match.

The home shirt was worn with the white shorts and socks with the burgundy and gray adding the detailed. The away outfit retained all the stylings of the home strip and simply replicated it in another colour, in Vinotinto case a white and burgundy for the detailed.


Litti said...

Could you send the vector font in my email please?


João Pedro Soares said...

Azmie, the Venezuela National Team played the Copa América 2011 with Adidas Unity in number font, but with generic letters font.