Friday, January 1, 2010

Wellcome 2010

Nothing special for me today, same as the few years before when I 'm started with these project. What can i'm wrote, lots of bad and good memories happening on 2009. Here the best and worst memories for me around 2009.

The best :
My worked keep improve, and also new friends. Thanks for few of them who come to Kuala Lumpur visited me. But the most I remember...........To all my friends who send e-mail and supported during I'm sick on bed because denggue fever more than 2 weeks. You all my true loyal followers.

The Worst :
None other than been banned by EPL and UMBRO. They all now remember switchimageproject.

Lastly Happy New Year to all my friends and follower.
Waited for my new blog will coming soon, surprise.


Fernando Juve said...

Hello! I'm from Brazil, GrĂªmio FBPA and Juventus FC suppothers (I like other teams too ^^) and I visit your website everyday. I have to say: Great, amazing, perfect work!
Congratulations! I'm waiting the World Cup kits in 2010!
See you!

Hakim Amir said...

mie, ni dia link to gambar kit team KL, and also Selangor ..dari harimaumalaya ...

tapi ni kit away KL ler