Thursday, January 14, 2010

Club America 2009/10 kits.

Mexican richest football Club de Futbol America plays its home games at 105,000 capacity Estadio Azteca, and competes in the top division in the country, Primera Division. Jerseys for Club America are manufactured by Nike and sponsored by food processing company Bimbo, as well as world-renowned drink brand Coca Cola, and Corona printed on the back. The new home shirt will have a yellow base colour, with a red chevron dividing the top-front blue part, from the bottom-front yellow part. The sleeves will be yellow but the shoulders and collar will be navy blue. The new away shirt has a dark blue base colour, with the same red chevron as the home shirt. In this case, the top-front part is yellow, while the bottom part is navy blue, with navy blue sleeves and a navy blue collar. The shirt will be worn with yellow shorts and socks.


Andres said...

Hi Azmie. Could you check your America font.

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