Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introduction to sport-betting

Nothing makes a sporting event more exciting than having a wager on the game. Whether you are a long time betting enthusiast, or you’ve just decided to see what all of the excitement is about, online betting sites are the most valuable asset a betting sports fan can use.

One-Stop Sports Betting
Online betting sites provide information for placing wagers on a wide range of sporting events, and the means to do so, all in one place. For information on betting, odds and lines on football, cricket, rugby, baseball, NBA, NHL, college football, and even golf, an online sports betting site has it all. Many sites even offer links to free poker sites, if you would like to play a quick game after you place your bets.

Starting an Account
When you visit a sports betting site, you will have the opportunity to start your own account, and join the site’s gaming community. Betting sites offer incentives of free money when you open an account. The way this works is the site will match a percentage of the money that you use to open your account and place this money into your account just for joining. In addition, membership will enroll you in pools, lotteries and contests for cash and prizes.

Moneyline Wagers
The moneyline is the listing of the return on your potential wager. Let’s say the moneyline for picking Real Madrid is -110. If you bet $110 and your wager wins, you will collect $100. The extra ten percent provides the commission, which is referred to as the juice, vigorish, or vig. Moneyline bets are a bets on a certain team winning, regardless of score.

Point Spreads
You can also place a bet on a team to cover the spread. The favored team will have negative spread (like -2), and the underdog will have a positive spread (like +2). The purpose of a spread is to handicap the probable winner. If you place a bet on a favored team to cover a -2 spread, that team must win by three or more points for you to cover. If the team wins by exactly two points, your bet would be a push. If you chose to bet on an underdog at +2, that team can lose by up to one points, and you will still win your bet. If the team loses by exactly two points, the bet is a push.

A parlay is a single wager that links together several individual bets. All of the individual bets must win, so a parlay is an all-or-nothing wager. Parlays are given better odds, because it is more difficult to predict the outcome of several events than that of a single event. So while the odds of hitting a parlay are smaller than winning a single bet, the payout for a winning parlay is much larger.

A teaser is a form of parlay in which you adjust the point spread of the individual wagers across the board. In a teaser you can buy points, but the return is reduced.These sports betting options are really just a small sample of the wagering options you’ll find online. All that you need to do to get started is type sports betting into a search engine, and away you go!


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